Trusted Failure 7 of 9

Her and I, often did other things together
It wasn’t simply physical contact,
Activities we got involved in, varied:
Concert sneaking in, hiking, and pranking,
Among others
Our friend,
Who told us about a decency center,
Claimed: We lived a risky lifestyle
It was a lifestyle, we both agreed upon
We were never afraid of trying out,
Something new: dinner date, it was
An outside-door restaurant, was my choice
The scenery was skeptical, but beautiful
I never had to bring out, my sultriest sultriness
She knew all about it
Nothing much, we had to talk about
Staring at, and making fun of other couples,
Was a good alternative
There wasn’t anything else, we could do
We kept thinking of what it would be like,
If a table was flipped over,
Unto a couple on an opposite table,
Chewing each other’s lips
Her and I, had dressed up,
Thinking we were so fly: It was a wasted night
Neither her or I,
Knew how to do this thing; called love
Touchy feelings, we abandoned earlier
We knew, resulting pain would be too much
One involved, would be left with an option,
Of sadly bursting out, into laughs
I would tell her: I liked her personality
To keep the date going: It would be a big-fat lie
Although it would be a big-fat lie,
It was a lie, greatly appreciated,
And entertained by a majority
Before I completely evaluated what to say,
She busted out, “Am pregnant”
A moment for I, to cut and run, had arrived
I never had to hang around her, any longer.

Available in Electronic and Audio Formats.

7 thoughts on “Trusted Failure 7 of 9

  1. You’re quite amazing Joseph, I have to smile. “I would tell her: I liked her personality / To keep the date going: It would be a big-fat lie”
    Few are that honest haha. So, did you get her pregnant though or what did that last part mean? Inquiring readers ponder… no need to answer. :)) Love your narrations and videos. Rock on 🙌🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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