Frustrated by Exercising


Stuff gets boring at times especially when expected results are not achieved. Rethinking of why the hell someone is doing something becomes monotony and a theme. On several occasions, I have heard individuals wondering what they are doing wrong: they have been “exercising” for some good time, but their general outlook and weight are only getting worse. It is not strange, that this results into frustration and at times, one loses morale to continue exercising. Sad as it sounds, it is absolutely true, and only those who are mentally strong enough, can push through it. However, let us not forget that when exercising properly, you are gaining muscle which weighs more than the fat you are losing, explaining the no weight change.

A common misconception in exercising, is an individual thinking that; a particular series of exercises which yielded results for a someone, will do the same for them. In the process, individual forgets a fact that our bodies are different and bound to respond differently to muscular stress and strain from exercising and yoging. Furthermore, individual forgets to put into consideration, how someone whose exercise routine they are following does it. It could be that I get to do 140 push-ups following intense floor scrubbing. This is more likely to yield better results, compared to individual who spent morning on a couch, catching up on their favorite show and snacking. One has to draft out a better exercise routine, which suits their schedule, targeted achievements and calorie intake.

Since my exercising focuses on endurance, strength and flexibility in that exact order, I don’t expect someone aiming at gaining or losing weight to follow my routine. Worry less, exercises can be modified to best suit one’s needs, rather than getting frustrated and pissed.

Let us not forget that exercising is not a magic portion, deemed to yield results immediately. Patience is an essential component, no matter how insanely retarded one exercises. Also, not forgetting a bodily fact that cells are constantly replaced, one needs to keep exercising even when they think they have achieved their exercising goals.

I am sure I mentioned this in an earlier post, and I shall mention it again; I have been, and still follow a fairly constant workout schedule for about eleven years. At the moment, I am pretty damn proud of my physique, and not afraid to show it out, since I don’t need to flex to make my abs visible. It calls for a personal pat on the back, brightening the day, getting I motivated to keep pumping in, as a way of maintaining and adding on what I have so far achieved.

Of course, there are times when I get frustrated too while exercising, especially when at a fitness center. This occurs when I need to use a machine; and individual simply places their arse on the machine, pulls out a stupid smart phone, and starts admiring the screen while moving their fingers around on it. For heaven’s sake, I hope that individual becomes extremely fat and gains more weight. I also get frustrated when I am interrupted by someone, while I am in a process of doing a particular exercise. Unless it is urgent, and I am the only individual able to come to your rescue, at least, let I finish the damn exercise. I should be allowed to add these interrupting individuals on the Punch in the neck list. Just saying…

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  1. Nadine says:

    Looking amazing my friend. Fantastic to read you again and thanks for your recent visit to my wee corner of blogland. 🤗💕
    Btw I am up to 40 daily pushups now, sometimes more, thanks to your friendly pushup-shaming me, thanks buddy. 😜👊🙌 And lol I agree it sucks to be interrupted in the middle of exercise. But such is life with kiddos and one learns to roll with the minor monkey moments. 🐵🐒😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      Awhh Nadine, that is awesome and it calls for a high five clap 👏🥉 keep it up. That is true, sometimes you cannot avoid it and one has to blend in with the destruction. It is always a pleasure hearing from you 😊🐦🐧🦅

      Liked by 1 person

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