Criticized When Exercising

I have been told on several accounts that I exercise a lot, thus spend a lot of time exercising. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that means. For all times I hear such remarks, tremendous joy springs up inside, appreciating a goddammit body I prestigiously carry around. This is followed by a genuinely cool smile escaping from my moist lips, brightening the day. Never at any single moment do I feel shy, mentioning how often I immerse a body owned in tremendous tedious workouts and exercises. This goes along with banging out at least a hundred pushups whenever called upon.

I strive at having five workout sessions a week, each lasting for about a hundred minutes, with minimal rest periods for catching a breath. For listeners and onlookers, it sounds a lot, but am sure to a designated workout junkie that is nothing. Surprisingly, it is individuals who never exercise that point it out, that I exercise “a lot”. Not to be an arse, but two words go out to them: Fuck You.

A few times I try explaining to them that my exercising mainly focuses on achieving maximum endurance, followed by strength and of course flexibility. Combining these three major aspects of exercising is a toughie and the struggle is real. It calls for having prolonged intermixed workouts, mashed with various modifications of basic exercises. This stimulates most of the major and minor muscles of the body, as well as other body tissues such as ligaments, tendons and good bodily fluids circulation.

A start of anything is never easy and I can’t hide it: in the beginning, I was ashamed and rarely admitted to exercising nor stated the right number of days I exercised and for how long. I felt mocked by peers who preferred spending spare time doing something else deemed creative rather than exercising. Worsening the situation, there were no noticeable physical changes, verifying that I was wasting time, exercising.  I was discouraged at times, but, but, thank goodness, I am one of a kind. I strive at accomplishing or finishing what I initiated, with an ultimate aim of becoming better than the person I was yesterday.

Ten years down the road, I run a YouTube Channel, BodyOut Count Challenges, a blog, and have written a book, in which I share personal insights and exercises. Currently, zero fucks are given on how many views, shares, likes, dislikes, comments, or sales made. I can’t claim that this is how it was in the beginning, I admit, they were all initiated with an aim of making lots of good money. I nearly ended it all when it never worked out, but I realized, I love my content and have to keep doing it, for personal pleasure; other shit follows. I am glad when I encounter someone who loves what I do, it’s a pleasure, and it calls for a celebratory dance.

One should never be discouraged to continue exercising especially after being mocked. Please, don’t give in to those arseholes and end up becoming a couch potato. Getting discouraged and mocked without noticeable gains, are major challenges experienced by newbies in an exercising arena. Exercising is not only physical, but also very mentally demanding. An ability of keeping strong mentally to push through challenges is not easy, especially when one is just starting out, and with no noticeable changes observed. Let us not forget that change in external outlooks is not only influenced by exercising and hard work, but also by internal factors such as body physiology and other body processes.

I at times think of it as an act of jealousy and envy, mocking someone who is exercising. It is one’s body and time, and I don’t get it as to why one gets bothered by what the other does, yet it doesn’t interfere with their life? Worry less, I never cancel out on an important event for a sake of exercising, but I will cancel out on you if you are full of bullshit.

Any time you get criticized for exercising too much or exercising without observable results, don’t struggle wasting time fighting back, explaining yourself, especially when that individual doesn’t exercise. For the love of mankind, you can try explaining, but, but, don’t push it. Not forgetting about my lady friends who love immersing their bodies in insane and retarded workouts, but fear being criticized for looking muscular, ignore that shit. Keep pumping in and out and don’t forget to joyfully showoff those muscles, beautifully organized on a hot smoking and rocking body; it’s fucken hot and sexy.

As a way of motivating you to push forward, this week’s exercising challenge was done in rain, a moment when many prefer to keep indoors, and those found exercising outside are deemed crazy. It is a combination of modified jumping jacks also known as side straddle hops or apart togethers, summed up with a good number of screaming pushups and a little funny dance at the end.

More exercising insights, tips and challenges are found on my YouTube Channel, BodyOut Count Challenges, and for book lovers, in Fitness Junkie available at your favorite store and library in electronic and audio formats.

Available at your favorite store in Electronic and Audio

Stay awesome and keep exercising

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  1. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Joseph, enjoy your youth and stamina while you have it. I have been athletic all my life and am still going in my 60’s. With age one tends to slow down and unable to do, let’s say, all those jumping jacks. Your enthusiasm and your joy are contagious. Let the naysayers just do what they do while you just keep on doing what you love to do. You are an inspiration!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      Awwh, thank you Amy. I am glad to hear that you are still active. Keep if up too, it’s a good feeling 👏 👏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nadine says:

    Have I told you yet how much I adore your blog?!?!?!

    “For all times I hear such remarks, tremendous joy springing up inside, appreciating a goddammit body I prestigiously carry around.”

    Joseph, you just made me laugh out loud heartily and with such joy. I love your style. Text and audio and video. It’s awesome all around. Rock it out my friend!! 🏋🏿‍♂️💪👟🤸🏾‍♂️😂👏👌🙌🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Joseph says:

      😊👌🐝🌹 I had to make several taps on my back to comedown from the ticklish excitement 😍😆 and I love it that you adore my blog Nadine 👊 Your awesome and keep laughing and smiling to maintain that good skin 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadine says:

        Ah Joseph such a lovely smile-inducing comment. And quite right you are about the smiling. Defo helps a haggard old broad look a little more lively. 😉😄😘🙏🎉🌻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Joseph says:

        Awwh and she’s always humble and polite in her words 🏳🏳🏳✔️✔️😄😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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