Crushing Body

Much as being a certified and verified workout junkie is fulfilling, charming and exciting, a price has to be paid. Unfortunately, tokens of gratitude are unacceptable, and the only form of payment is through bodily pain and pleasure. I do admit, in most cases, I have severe pain and aches accompanied with random joint pains and strains following a workout session. This is because I always push myself further, with an aim of achieving more. As a matter of fact, anytime I am not experiencing any form of soreness or pain thrusting through any body part of mine, it feels strange. This goes along with I starting to feel ill, when I spend more than nine days without any form of extreme, intense or retarded workout.

My body experiences relatively constant pains as a result of I increasing my exercising intensity. Worry less, more pain always awaits. With an aim of attaining increased endurance levels, I have reached an extent of literally sucking up the pain, rather than ignoring the pain. This is witnessed by an amazing ability of I continuing with daily scheduled activities, despite of the intensity of workout done, or pain felt. On several occasions, I have discovered small and large healing lacerations plus scars on my body, with no idea where the hell they came from?

Situation is worsened with I depriving myself of sleep. It isn’t intended, but demands of mankind and humanity get in the way. I try to get six hours of sleep a night, but it’s impossible, given a number of activities alongside with relaxing, I struggle to jam pack in twenty-four hours. I know, this doesn’t favor the body to recover and heal properly.

Pain felt at times skyrockets through attained pain sucking capabilities, resulting in I having trouble falling asleep. However, although I may have trouble falling asleep during times of extreme pain, I am still able to perform a next day’s activities; but, but, performance is reduced. When such an instance occurs, it is an indication for I to get a full week of rest, without any working out involved.

Some say that one should get a week’s rest following an eight-week period of uninterrupted working out. This sounds pleasing in ears of many, since exercising is not yet engraved in their bodies. All is well and fine. A resting week used to work for I several years back, but as of the moment, it is torture. As a result, I ignore the eight-week exercising/one-week resting thingy, and do my own thingy.

When I feel super exhausted, pained, injured, ill or sick, it is at that moment that a resting week is called upon. Although I am deeply embedded with a thought of never interrupting a scheduled workout, I am not insanely retarded: when a fever breaks, it is resting time. But, but, once a feeling of relief and good health are witnessed, it is pumping in time again.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Hall says:

    I really take my hat off to you for your dedication and persistence!


  2. Nadine says:

    “Worry less, more pain always awaits.” Wowzers, them’s fighting words for a successful life, Joseph. You are driven, and one amazing human being. I’m a big ol’ softie by comparison. Very inspiring work. 👏🙏🏆🧘🏽‍♀️🕺💪🙌🤩


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