Second Chances Don’t Exist


Life isn’t a rehearsal or damn video game; but the fucken camera keeps rolling. I am pretty sure those words roughly combined in that way, do sound familiar. And no, I am not contradicting myself with a previous blog post: A Big Fat Lie, in which I stated that there is no such thing as a one time opportunity. Reality strikes through life, as I verify unto you my dear: there are no second chances. A similar moment is bound never to exist, with in a similar time, locked within a similar space. Sorry to break it to you, but, but, I would love to see the look on your face right now.

Starting with a fucked up common phrase: I forgive you, let’s try again. I call bullshit on that. One is excited claiming that they are offered another chance, forgetting a fact that, they are being placed on trial, soon to be judged harshly. Even if someone is truly given a second chance, a series of strings will be attached to that second chance. The situation is spiced up and made more exciting, when a someone who was given a second chance screws it up. Hell breaks loose, causing darkness to leak and spread around. Torments and rants are the only expected outcomes, tarnishing lives of parties involved.

I take back my sorry, because I am not in any way sorry. Let I break something else to you: when someone offers you a second chance, they are freeing themselves from guilt, and watching carefully, waiting for a moment for you to screw up again.

Although on several accounts I am called strange and weird, the human race as a whole is absolutely fucked up. Many shy away from reality and prefer to hide the truth, especially when the truth causes shame. A pretext of wanting to be perceived as a good person is blended in lives of many.

I wonder to myself as to why an individual whose life was totally screwed up, is found in company with individual who screwed up their life? Sadly, individual whose life was screwed up, often claims that the individual who screwed up their life, will change and soon become a better person. I call bullshit on that too. Worry less, I am aware, that it is the little lies we tell ourselves, which keep our brains tingling and swaying in rhythm, but, but, we shouldn’t lie ourselves in to them. This includes accepting a sad fact that second chances don’t fucken exist. It is only a myth. May I suggest trying out something else which we shall call a fresh new start?

I prefer calling it a fresh new start rather than a second chance because, I expect individual to do what they failed in another way, with at least an Altered Perspective. Though I live life on a trending trail of trials and errors, I never hope for a second chance. This doesn’t mean that one should be an absolute total dickhead when they do wrong, quoting I that there are no second chances. Dare do so, I will hunt you down, and you will earn yourself an automatic spot, on the Punch in the neck list.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Fresh start does sounds nice, but I would never have the happiness I have now if my husband have never given me a second chance. I admit though, that if I was in his position that I may never believe myself, or even think that thing will be different. Still, I was given a second chance, and yes, I treasure it dearly.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Awwh Jess, I am glad you got that second chance and it’s working out great 👍😍Good for you dear. And for I, may be I have just been screwed over so many times by the same people I trusted so much and now I gave up on the human race as a whole 🤔😶😪😩😭😭😭😭

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      1. Jessica says:

        Aw that’s just tragic Joseph 😦 I know how it feels to get betrayed over and over, and I don’t always give everyone a second chance. Only those I believe deserves it. Although, I absolutely don’t believe in third or fourth. If they can’t change the second time, then they won’t the 3rd and 4th.

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