Forgotten Exercising Stuff


Much as exercising is essential for proper health, wellbeing and fitness, a good number of illnesses and diseases tend to swing their butts along. Fortunately, such illnesses and diseases can easily be dealt away with, or easily prevented. A lot of stuff used when exercising is ignored and never well cleaned. I don’t think that this stuff is simply neglected and never cleaned, but it may have to do with a fact that cleaning this stuff is not considered to be important. A list of exercising stuff which deserve a second thought of a cleaning conscious include:

Starting with an obvious: Water bottle: Since I never pour anything else into my water bottle other than plain water, I never considered it as a necessity to wash the bottle often. A quick rinse always did the trick. I recently took a closer look at the auto seal cover of my water bottle in fine bright white light: all I spotted was greyish-brown in the cover seal operator; but, but, I am pretty sure it was supposed to be white. Dang it! I should have taken a photo to show you before I threw it away. I decided to replace it with a bottle having an easy to clean cover.

Gym Gloves: Not including the ones for combat sports; I own two pairs: one used when it is time for insane retarded lifting, and the other for relaxing, or basically showing off. The way the two pairs smell is obviously distinct, and one is washed more often than the other. The other pair seems to mysteriously disappear when it is laundry time.

Machines and equipment:  Whether public or privately used, these deserve to be wiped off occasionally with a clean towel. Using a disinfectant and disposable towels is a plus.

Workout towel: It shouldn’t be used to wipe equipment, but exclusively for personal use. I sweat more like I am in hell. Well, given the way I do pump in and out, hell is overrated. But the point is, a workout towel deserves to be soaked in detergent for a while, after every workout session. For my dear pals allergic to detergent, a good old-school bar of soap does the trick.

Personal clothes: Whether undergarments or outer most wear, these deserve a right to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every workout session. One should neither sniff, nor examine exercise clothing for dirty, to consider if clothes should be washed or not.

Footwear: I hope never to come across smelly shoes, and wearer uses exercising as an excuse, fuck you. It shouldn’t matter what kind of exercising one does; workout shoes shouldn’t smell like rotting eggs or a carcass. A twenty-first century we are residing in, is blended with a vast number of beauty products, ranging from foot spray, shoe spray, body spray, and the list fucken goes on. Thoroughly wash, dry and spray your damn fucken shoes.

Designated area: Although I encourage individuals to exercise from anywhere, one should stay away from a garbage disposal site. An normal exercising body has increased rates of body physiological processes. This slightly increases susceptibility to infections, illnesses and diseases.

Water source: A sip on a water fountain can be thirst quenching during a crazy workout, but have you ever taken a moment to consider where the water is coming from? Or water used to take a bath or shower after a workout?

Sports watch, bracelet, necklace: I tend to leave these on while taking a shower, thanks be to most of this stuff being water proof or resistant. I do not have to worry about them that much, unless during times when I feel lazy, or in a rash.

Workout bag: Just because one throws in a lot of crap: gloves, towel, socks, wraps, bandages, plaster, clothes and the list goes on; the bag does not have to be crap. If bag is kept dirty, dirt easily transfers to other clean stuff or be an excellent microbe habitant.

It is a few basics, added unto a well-disciplined workout junkie, that distinguish an elite, from others who claim to exercise.

More exercising insights and personal experiences in Fitness Junkie, available at your favorite store and library, in electronic and audio formats.

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