Have You Been Penetrated Enough?

In the early 90s, that would be sexist, and I would be hunted down by movements advocating for equality. But, but, it is a 21st sextury in which anyone can take it in really deep. Carrots and cucumbers have also sneaked their way into the bathroom. Well, I take it back; dining tables and kitchen counters have proven to be more adventurous spots. I am blessed to witness and be part of the amazing sexual transitions taking place. Not to be rude, but duck messed up cultures and traditions holding individuals back, from exploring and exploiting their bodies to the fullest.

Today I am in an awful mood of desperately wanting to penetrate something. Thoughts rocking my brain are shying away, and nothing is springing up clearly. It must be the lousy charms I picked up on trending crosswalks, following delusions of tempting to blend in with society: screw it, am out for real this time. And a firm NO. That wasn’t meant to yell at you, but emphasize a well-known fact that Joseph isn’t a quitter. I simply let go, basing on recurring decisions, as long as I am not interfering with anyone’s chills. Of course, I am neglecting self-proclaimed moralists and individuals who make it a personal dilettante to mysteriously interfere with another’s shit. I was told that I use the word shit a lot. It replaced hell and crap, following a fulfillment of others’ concerns, penetrating my personal space. I absolutely need some penetrating to calm neurons firing like hell upstairs. On a bright side, I don’t think hell is a swear word, and it sounds ducken cool; sort of like vagina.

Speaking of vagina, no wait, should I state: writing of vagina? But, but, that wouldn’t sound cool. I am not giving adulting a chance to rob away my coolness too. It has taken enough. It’s time to penetrate adulting deeply, bringing back what belongs to I. Think of it as penetrating a seal of your favorite cold drink, on a bright burning, hot and sunny day. The pleasure lays more in penetrating and sucking out contents of the drink, rather than cooling one’s body, making the latter a mere bonus.

I am aware of being straight forward and vivid. Thus, need to dial it down a notch. Several meditating sessions were spent, roaming back and forth, dwindling about it. Results swung between offering blank stares to proclaimed offended and concerned individuals, to changing my entire personality. I could do it for a sole pleasure of penetrating someone, as payback for why the fuck, they like to change my personality, for their guilty pleasure and satisfaction? I believe it would be a win-win situation, restoring drained peace and humanity, improving ways in which we penetrate or get penetrated.

A lot of happiness is associated with instances of penetrating. Think of a last time you experienced true happiness. It must have involved some form of penetration. Say a crushed-on individual penetrating your comfort zone, igniting hidden feelings of pleasure and emotions. I wonder whether an instance shall ever be reached, when an individual no longer feels like penetrating anything or be penetrated? These spring up the ultimate question: Have you been penetrated enough?

Thanks be to an industrialized revolution which occurred decades back. Individuals claiming to be shy, or never wanting to be harshly judged, have a variety of objects and artifacts, which can be penetrated, or be used for penetrating. Indeed, it is a spectacular century to be alive in. Accepting a chilling reality of penetrating, is a comfort which deserves to be embraced, as a way of grabbing life decisions by the tits.

More life insights, hacks and experiences in Altered Life Perceptions, available in electronic and audio formats at your favorite store and library.

9 thoughts on “Have You Been Penetrated Enough?

  1. What I love about your blog is that you tell your truth in your own completely Joseph-y way. It’s humorous and serious, irreverent and thoughtful at the same time, and you let your inner self shine. That’s inspiring. Rock on Joseph 🎸🤩p.s. I love your new closing lines with the book link BTW 👌🎉🙌

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    1. okay, now this is funny, because I sort of just left a similar reply to your comment. This definitely calls for a cup of tea, spiked with lots of ginger, lemongrass and dirts of cinnamon powder 😄😅 Thank you Nadine. I am glad you enjoyed all the aspects involved in this post, rather than focusing on just one, more so the negative one. 😎😇🤓

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