Bewitched Healer 7 of 8


Dedicated to burning more bugs
In an effort of pleasing the Healer’s body
The Healer,
Halted scattering ashes of burnt bugs
Self-pity of the Healer, was on a betrayed loop
Guarded by non-other than;
Boundless freed spirits
Exerting vengeance to all
Known since a beginning of a past
To restrict freedom; Causing rising stars,
Meant to shine high up in the skies
But, but, shadowed by bright burning beams
To dance to tunes
Generated by boundless spirits,
Jubilating aimlessly, across the land
Hallowing through eyes of the Healer
With a rolling thunder,
Grooving aimlessly too, across the land.
They were carried on
Flapping poor beautiful wings
Of a bird,
Stricken by bright burning beams
Groaning through the charmed land.
With hollos of burning crawling bugs
And cracking of the land,
Comfort was provided unto the Healer
Filling the Healer’s eyes with hollowness
Destined to rupture, on transitional ceremonies
Every other decade.
Good it was, spirits previously bound
Were to be freed
Detangling the Healer
From denied responsibilities of the land.
Smiles, of the detangled Healer
Trapped sorrow hidden, in caves of the land
A quiet sanctuary, the caves provided
Cherishing glimpses of nocturnal livings
Hiding away from bright burning beams

Exhumed from Orgasmic Sinister, available in your favorite store and library, in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    There’s always a feeling of dread and pity whenever I read your Bewitched Healer post. But of course, it’s suppose to feel that way… I think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      You are on the right track Jess 😋😊👏 👏 Let us wait for the ending 😨 one more lengthy part…. Hang in there Jess.. 😗😆😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Jessica says:

        Haha I’m hoping not to suffer to much emotional casualties. If I do, we’ll be seeing each other at blogosphere trial court 😂


    2. Joseph says:

      Well, well, well Jess, let us hope the Healer won’t interven 🤔🤐😯😷🙊

      Liked by 1 person

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