Perverted Juror

I used to think that human genitals are strange. It wasn’t until I encountered human brains, which dialed strangeness to a whole new and unknown level of arseholery. But, but, seriously, have you ever wondered what the crap goes on in minds of a jury, when they see a defendant for a first time?

I am aware of the extreme precautions taken and checks done in selecting a jury for a particular case. But, but, an important aspect of perception is never included, given the dynamic nature of the human brain. Worry less, I am not plagiarizing myself. Back in graduate school, I researched about moral perceptions of jury, at sight of a defendant during a criminal proceeding, for my forensic ethics course. Achieved results were alarming, and the human race still has a long way to hike. I know about the thousands of neurons in your brain dry humping each other, as you struggle, not to judge harshly. It is alright, let it out.

To understand something better, it is best to start with the basics of our own. So, I try to understand what the heavens go on in my brain. Unfortunately, obtained results are very disturbing, with conflicting resolutions of unwilling perverted randomness. I know we are not machines, thus incapable of shielding off sudden changes in our minds, no matter how objective we strive to be. As a result, jurors are no exception. I wonder as to whether any jurisdiction across the globe, has ever put into perspective, what actually goes on in the minds of selected jurors, during a particular court session?

Elements such as prejudice which are searched for during jury selection, can be hidden or altered by a well-trained brain of a perverted juror. This juror can influence other jurors during their deliberating process. Yes, there could be a delusional juror who somehow strives to counteract the perverted juror. But, but, am not sure of how successful they will be, once the damage is done. This could be furthered by how the jurors perceived a defendant for a first time. I know I am not alone on this one, but, but, have you ever developed ill thoughts about someone simply because another told you evil about them?

Could attire, stare, walk, general outlook, accent or presentation among others, alter a way in which jurors perceive the defendant? Could this affect outcome of a case? Let us say a raped victim comes in to court sultrily dressed: Can the jury surpass her enticing super short, short mini skirt? Or is their judgement going to be clouded and they resort to victimizing the raped victim? Will the jury be fair or become prejudicial and conclude harshly? Again, I confer to you, the human brain, is indeed the strangest thing I have yet encountered.

Although there is some scientific success in mapping out of the human brain, to know what someone is thinking of; at the moment, results are in preliminary stages, and further research is underway. A way in which we each perceive aspects of life, greatly varies from each other at every instant. Individuals need to stop claiming: I was thinking of that same thing. I call bullshit on that. It is not possible for two individuals to have the same exact idea, meant to be expressed and evaluated in the same exact way. There can be an overlap, but it can never be exact. Often times when someone claims that they were thinking of the damn same thing as what I said, I inquire from them what they meant? This results in blank stares, with bits of awkwardness and being perceived as weird.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way of knowing how a particular juror truly perceives a defendant upon sight, and what the outcome can be. Thanks be to a fact that most jurisdictions across the globe aim at punishing of offenders, basing on “crime and punishment”. Profilers do assist in jury selection, and there has been success, but, but, we all know, true detailed profiling is subjective and prejudicial: so, keep that shit alive and rolling.

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  1. Nadine says:

    Keep calling the bullshit Joseph 👏🤗✍️🕺🏾💃🏻

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    1. Joseph says:

      Awwh, that means a lot Nadine 😋 Here’s a dance for you 💃 💃 🤘 🤘 👊 🌟

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  2. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Great thoughts, Joseph! I did not stop to think from this perspective, yet you are very much correct. To be human is to err. And we do judge …. ALL of us do. I know how often I’ve caught myself judging just because for example of how someone is dressed. And because of how we judge, can a full jury truly ever come to a perfect consensus when it comes to innocent or guilty? I don’t think so.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Thank you Amy. It’s a toughie, all we can do is sit back with fingers crossed and hope for the better. Also, I do thank a few jurors who have stepped down and admitted to sudden developing of ill thoughts and intentions

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      1. AmyRose🌹 says:

        Well bless those who have stepped down. Kudos to them!

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  3. Watt says:

    I love the opening. So satirical. 😂

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    1. Joseph says:

      Thank you Watt. Twisted humor brightens up my day and I am glad you loved it 😊😋🤓

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  4. Chris Hall says:

    You make some good points here. We are all subject to making value judgments based initially on people’s appearance, but also on what you know or have been told about them. I’ve sat on a jury and I know how preconceptions can influence people.
    I’ve worked with Victim Support and I’ve worked with people who’ve served the punishment for offences committed. I hope I’ve learned to ‘take as I find’ and not be judgmental.

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    1. Joseph says:

      Um, that’s a toughie Chris since being judgmental is among the traits of being human. Good job on working with Victim Support 👏 👏 Keep up the good spirit. Out of curiosity, did you feel extreme pressure while on jury duty? Or it was a blaze of fun feeling power and control of another’s fate? 😉😆😋

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  5. ritanam says:

    That is something I had never thought about. With all crime and court shows I have watched and enjoyed, I should have somehow encountered it, but I guess it would ruin and take out the dramatic effect 😂👏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Joseph says:

      Rita, shows are meant to be fun and yes, I am aware, they are too meant to be educative, but come on, when was a last time an adult turned on a show with a sole purpose of getting educated? 😂🤷🥂😇

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