Most Loved Lie

I like your personality

I see myself inside you, but, but, I have learnt through experience, telling it straight to a dear one’s face, it won’t go well. I will be perceived as coming on too strong and probably get punched in the neck. On another demented trail, if I take it slow, the dear one will find better shit to do. Great thanks go out, to freely available porn. Can this get any worse?

For the last couple of posts, I placed life situational humor on hold. Posts dived into factual reality without bits of joy, meant to entertain one’s day. This blew many away, shredding their groove. Worry less my dear, it’s time to embark on humored awkwardness, encapsulated with life drama, as well as insightful life hacks. Of course, sprinkles of wisdom will follow along, as long as you let them in. And no, that wasn’t meant to be a sex joke, so shut it.

Anyway, what better way to resume humored life insights, than with the most loved lie: I like your personality? Seriously, what the heavenly hell is ravished into people’s minds? For the Devil’s sake, God xerox in and assassinate I. Every time I hear someone bloody utter out that lie, I literally melt inside. Individual personality seems to have transformed into physical outlooks which can easily be judged. Wait, am I missing out on something? Maybe telling someone that you like or love their personality, is a better and modified way of telling them that you most definitely see yourself inside them? Or them inside you. Tables have turned, it can always be the other way around. Thanks go out to gender fluidity movements.

However, I still try hard to wrap my brains around the thing called personality. Unfortunately, returned results are sketchier than a one-year old’s art piece. To better write about the lie, I looked up its definition: “personality – the complex of all the attributes–behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental–that characterize a unique individual”, from an Advanced English Dictionary of WordNet by Princeton University.

Many claim to like someone’s personality after interacting with them for a few hours. Given a fact that I possess shattered emotions which were mentally smacked as they came crumbling down, accompanied with questioned behavioral patterns, I am not sure that I am the right individual to write about personality. But I know for sure, telling someone that you like their personality, is a true and clear lie. Maybe you are referring to their lifestyle?

Regardless of how much time someone has spent studying another, it is nearly impossible to come up with even a ducky conclusion, about another’s personality. Sorry to bust the bubble, but that is the truth. Simply let it in. The saddest part about telling someone that you like their personality is that, many to whom it is said to, love it, delighting their hearts with tremendous joy. Not to be violent, but those who constantly utter out that phrase, are to be added on the punch in the neck list.

Also, not to be a sadist, but extreme joy floods my heart hole, when a relationship based on “I like your personality”, is damaged. I won’t feel sorry for individuals involved, since they deliberately drove themselves into it. Although many love to hear that someone else loves their personality, it should be abandoned. One can never fully understand another’s personality, and come to appreciate it. Not to be a dick, but I sometimes wonder what my true personality is? With time, I hope it will be made legal, to physically, emotionally and mentally assault someone, who utters out the phrase: I like your personality.

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Is it a white lie, how to understand someone’s personality

26 thoughts on “Most Loved Lie

  1. Joseph… wow. I really like your personality. 😉😂😆

    No but seriously, the way you write your truth in this piece is pure awesomeness.

    I remember back (waaaayyyyyy back 😆) when I was single, and that was a line I heard often. And often willingly fell for it. And totally agree with you that it is misconstrued at best (when it’s not a cover-up for “I like your looks, and/or the way you look at me, and/or the chemical reaction between us,” or any of the things you said above. Often we look at others as though looking into a mirror. I used to be guilty of that too (and still sometimes am).

    The older I get, the more I realize, as you say, that we can likely never truly know our own personality, much less another’s.

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    1. Well, well there, well played Nadine 🚨👊🦄 And that time capsule, it stimulated a mini-shiver inside my heart 😊 Um, now that you get it, I wonder what drops in Nadine’s mind, when a stranger or “dear” friend says it to her? 🤔😋


      1. “mini-shiver”: awww. 😊✌️

        hmm that is such a good question. Well, I don’t hear it often these days, tbh 😆but when I hear generalizations such as “you’re such a good person” or what have you, which is only from female friends, since they’re really all I see or talk with lately, I guess I feel a bit stressed (oh dear, there’s that pedestal I’m about to fall off of 😉) and a bit disappointed (ah crap, they don’t quite “get it” yet… this friendship thing is going to be hard work). But when I’m not being careful of my speech, I still fall into the same old patterns… so I also have a lot of love and compassion for someone who says that (since, ironically, I can see myself in them ;)))).

        I laughed out loud at that end part where you wrote: “With time, I hope it will be made legal, to physically, emotionally and mentally assault someone, who utters out the phrase: I like your personality.”

        What I loved about that is I figured you didn’t mean it literally, and yet showed your true feelings/self by saying such a funny thing… which is why… once again…

        I like your personality. 😉😂🤡😂

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      2. I love how you enjoy twisted humor and the ability to pick it out of a script 👏 🎊 It is a rare trait indulged in by a chosen few 😊😋😉😎 And that friendship thingy, someone is doing it wrong 😨🍁🌜🌛

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  2. Thought provoking Joseph. It’s amazing how one may think he knows the other so well …. only to find out that there’s so much more going on in the other’s rich inner world. 🌎

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    1. Yes, yes YBO, I enjoying placing others on an edge 🙈🙈🙈. For I, I prefer asking people directly, rather than assuming. Unfortunately, some find it annoying and not wanting to expose their inner world 🤔🤐😮

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      1. Well, it’s their loss if they don’t want to delve deeper. And yet, I respect that. We all have a say in our disclosures. You’re pretty open and that’s also a gift.

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      2. Awwh, I feel excitement eleventing deeply within. Thank you YBP. I used to be closed off and shy, until the day I decided to become a Free Spirit 🕊🐧 😊 So much I had locked in including my own happiness. Being open also helps I accomplish more 💃

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      3. Love that! Congratulations on that life-changing decision Joseph! We were all born to be FREE …. and our society has put too much pressure on the norms and rules …. yes, boundaries help …. and yet, one needs to weigh things with sound judgment and attentive discrimination. We always have a choice. We also have that accompanying responsibility. 🙂

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      4. It wasn’t easy YBP, and still it is; with lots of resistance from some friends and family, but I can say, it’s absolutely worth it 😊😁😍💆🏂

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  3. Interesting post, Joseph! However long and however well you think you know someone, you can never really know what’s going on inside their heads. I guess that’s just the human condition.

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    1. Ohh Jess, I used to think I was an open book, until the day concerned family members held a meeting about I, complaining how they don’t understand my personality 🙄😵🤔

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