Bewitched Healer 5 of 8

The land lucked a clear vision
Ideas passed around
Got lost in shitty thoughts
Meant to be kept safe and sacred.
Neither hope
Nor a single ounce of expectation
Twiddled the lands, skies,
Or shiny textures of foreign intruders.
The Healer,
Never wanting responsibility
Handed powers
Of the land and its belongings
To the spirits, before they got freed
The Healer knew,
Spirits were spell-bound trapped,
Never to be freed
Ensuring safety, of powers of the land
In a sacred haven,
Recreated and reinforced every decade
No harm was meant to occur
Snapping responsibility of Healer away
Only left with, monitoring intensity of,
Bright burning beams, and scattered bug ashes
Conveying charms and pieces of peace
Harmonizing the land, and its belongings.
A golden platter, with a platinum silver lining,
Covered smiles and tears of the land
Power and responsibility
Of the Healer, were degraded

Snapped from Orgasmic Sinister, available in Electronic and Audio versions across various stores and libraries.

Author’s note: I wrote Orgasmic Sinister but I still feel the chills every time I read a story or two from it.

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  1. Jessica says:

    So painful 😦 It hurts to be the healer. Seriously.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Joseph says:

      Finally, someone else feels Her pain. Hang in there Jess 👀🤔🤐

      Liked by 2 people

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