Exercising Muscles of the Thighs, Legs, Groin and Core including Abs:

Good looking abs and hot gorgeous groin lines are a thing lately. Unfortunately, they are formed by large muscles which are difficult to stimulate and maintain. These muscles mainly include the quads of the thighs and abdominals of the core. Large muscles are composed of numerous fibers which are recruited in series, depending on an applied force or load. As resistance of the load or force increases, initially recruited fibers get exhausted and more fibers are recruited. In the process, less pain is felt by the body. If resistance of the load increases or isn’t removed, fibers of the large muscle get exhausted and depleted of energy. Intense, sudden, unbearable and excruciating pain, is the result. This pain isn’t sudden as thought, but it gradually builds up in the muscle.

Gradually built up pain is difficult to ignore, causing many to abruptly terminate an exercise involving large muscles. This explains why many skip leg days, and also find it difficult to get the nice flat tummy, accompanied with amazing abs they want. A brave few struggle through, but don’t work out the large muscles to full capabilities. This yields poor results, leading to classifying of some exercises as ineffective.

Mind over matter plays an essential role in such situations. The brain is exercised in the process, making one stronger to push beyond initial felt intense pain. It is a strange feeling yet exciting. Have you ever noticed that when you initiate say sumo squats, feel pain but when you persevere, the pain becomes tolerable? It is all up in our brains, which makes it difficult to exercise and train when distracted.

Exercises such as flutter kicks, sit ups, crouches, planks, side bends, abs wheel roll and yoga as a whole, strain and stretch muscles of the core, giving one a nice flat tummy, and good-looking abs. These exercises can be spiced up in various modifications, making them interesting and more beneficial. For leg and thigh muscles, squats accompanied with high, mid and low lunges are excellent. Other exercises such as planks including spider man planks incorporate the core, legs, thighs and groin.

It is difficult to create a clear-cut line as to how one should exercise to achieve a desired goal. Just because all you need is a flat tummy, it does you less good focusing on only abs and core exercises such as crab dips. Well, muscles of the core will be strengthened and even increase in size as you do these core exercises. However, let us not forget fat layers covering these muscles which need to be shed off, making the abs visible. As a rule of thumb, unless you are training for a particular sport, it is best to exercise the whole body for better results.

Adding exercises of large muscles into one’s regular exercise schedule is important. With time, one gains an ability of literally sucking up the pain. But, but, it also depends on when an exercise is done. Last Sunday, at the end of my one hundred-minute workout, I tried out the flutter kicks challenge. I never succeeded. My core felt like being ripped apart, and was forced to terminate. It felt terrible, but I couldn’t proceed after two minutes. Monday morning rolled in, and I initiated the day’s work out with the flutter kick challenge. It was fun, enjoyable and I felt damn good. I remembered that my body isn’t a machine, thus plenty of rest is required for the muscles to repair and recover.

Don’t get discouraged by intense pain resulting from exercising large muscles. One needs to strengthen these muscles further, and be ready for anything; there by becoming a verified and certified BodyOut Count Challenge Smasher.

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