Solutions to Why People Stop Exercising


Many people wish to be fit, keep in shape, maintain proper health and sanity. Unfortunately, the struggle is real during stages of initiating exercises. Many try out exercising but never show up again. They claim soreness, excruciating pain and loss of interest after a few sessions. Worry less, you are not alone, these too were experienced by a Fitness Junkie who initiated BodyOut Count Challenges. Let us review common reasons and solutions to why many people step a foot in an exercising arena, lose motivation and never show up again.

Soreness: The excitement of doing something good for the body pushes individuals to do more than they should on a first day. Let it be in a fitness center or in a comfort of one’s home. One should take it slow on day one, allowing the body to adjust to a new experience. Soreness will always be there when progress is required, but should be minimal. When soreness becomes unbearable lasting longer, a review of one’s exercising and checking in with a professional are required. A gradual increase in intensity and duration of exercising is what it should be, rather than being an overly obsessed junkie preferring to do it in a single session.

Exhaustion: I am only a human but at times forget it. Let’s say by some demented delusional hallucination, I transition in to a perfectly welded elite machine: machines require to rest, be reset and serviced at times. With poses such as the ear pressure pose and reverse bridge press-ups in which the human body is forced to take on unusual forms, exhaustion is an outcome. Plenty of rest accompanied with quick power stretches and rotations provide relief.

Excruciating knee pains: Poor forms and formats of exercising are the culprit. Do you do standing exercises with your feet so widely spread apart exceeding shoulder width? Or stand with knees and feet curved in towards the center of the body? A proper stance when doing standing exercises is with feet shoulder width apart, firm to the ground, knees straight out but relaxed, and feet pointing straight in front. Also, keep the body in line with supporting knees and legs.

Lower back pain: Oh, you little bastard. I recall early days of exercising, I was a frequent victim. The worst was after crushing out fifty abs rolls, had a beach run and then body surfed. Exhaustion kicked in and I got slammed by an about 12 feet wave. Resulting back pain was worse than ever experienced, lasting a good couple of weeks. Being a broke student, stubbornness kicked in and I refused to seek medical help. Yoga, mild exercising and a surprising an unexpected very tight hug from a newly encountered crush did the trick: back pain seized. Lower back pain is usually due to misaligned back vertebra discs. Given our height compatibility, her tight squeeze around my lower back, forced misaligned discs back into place; apparently, it’s a common intervention practice.

Shoulder joint pain: Weight lifting and high intense hand exercises such as insane press-ups hand balances are a cause. Left shoulder pains are commonly reported for right handed individuals and vice versa. It doesn’t mean you get to babysit the shoulder. For I, unbalanced press-ups with left palm placed on a raised object, and fist press-ups with elbows pointing backwards are a saver. Sometimes, insanity kicks in, going full beast mode, with one hand press-ups and heavy weights.

Dizziness and loss of consciousness: Relaxed deep breathes while sitting in an upright position and knees bent at about ninety degrees help. Avoid laying down, and find an atmosphere with a slightly cool temperature. Sipping little volumes of cool water and use of a rest room play an essential roll. Don’t wipe away sweat, but let it cool body down slowly.

Lost coordination: Ever tried to move a leg but nodded? Been there, done that. Resulting feeling wasn’t good. It somehow follows dizziness and loss of consciousness. Relax, all will be well with good resting in between exercises.

Boredom: You are doing it wrong. Good music comes into play. However, liking a song, artist or specific genre doesn’t make them appropriate for exercising. Selected music should dial switch one through reality, pushing beyond limits of confidence, making one fully believe in themselves. Change in exercises, arena and attitude kick in. Also, try out something new here and then.

No results: Improper format: Although there are a variety of ways in which exercises are modified, some are non-effective. In case you feel nothing after an exercise, no results will be obtained. Switch it up, look up new stuff, or you can always try out this Fitness Junkie’s exercising schedule, with an original BodyOut Count Challenge count of 140.

Exercising is fun. It feels good to experience and witness the benefits. Keep pushing, it can be yours.

More exercising insights at BodyOut Count Challenges and in Fitness Junkie.

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  1. Jessica says:

    When it comes down to it, all it takes is self-discipline, perseverance and patient. Nothing will happen in the first week when it comes to reaching your desired weight the healthy way. I once got lazy and gained so much weight and it took me 3 months of 2 hours of pilates every day to get back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      👏 👏 👏 great job for getting back in shape. Very true, with a combination of those three, there will be no more lame and lazy excuses 😉😆🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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