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Pickles of Love by Joseph Batte

Pickles of Love book coverISBN: 9781393524472
Audio ISBN: 1987180151

We have been here before, surroundings are familiar. They are crashing flicks of love into pieces. We all know, love is a rugged series of crafty waves, meant to provide calmness. But, but, it resorts to butchering anything alive.

Pour yourself a hot cup of water from the Mediterranean, mix in dead dried leaves or seeds, quenching your lust, and enjoy Pickles of Love, a series of Darkened Poems of Passion, sprinkled with afflicted emotions.

A Captured Love life
Bent in unusual entities of assailed affections
A new living is spell bound into adulting
Kissing brains smothered in swaying hatred.
A body long forgotten about,
Is broken into reminisced Pickles of Love
Cradling vows of levitating eternity.
Joseph Batte @bttjoseph #picklesoflove

Orgasmic Sinister by Joseph Batte

Orgasmic Sinister book cover

ISBN: 9781386646396
Audio ISBN: 9781987127089

Death is nothing, compared to possessing a hunted soul

Immerse your Spirit in a world of darkened narrative poetry, blended with insightful and twisted humor. An hourglass is tilted; but, but, death is nothing, compared to possessing of a hunted soul and spirit.

A Past of a Present:
Watching evil unveil from I
Became excitingly darker
Humping a deadly hell out of it,
Delights a misfortunate future
Fading into shadowed emptiness
Imagination is doing it wrong
I have to outrun my demons …
@bttjoseph #orgasmicsinister

Fitness Junkie by Joseph Batte

Fitness Junkie book cover

ISBN: 9781386508205
Audio ISBN: 9781987127898

Thrilling insights, blended with splendor pumping in.

There are times when I question myself as to why in a shitty hell, do I exercise? It is painful and time consuming. When such thoughts hit my mind, I take a quick look in a mirror directly. Favorably, resulting image is pleasing and admirable; I am like: oh yeah, keep pumping in and out dude.

The ultimate aim of exercising is to make one happy, through gained gains. Once that is achieved, all is well and fine, in a world of a fitness junkie. Resulting adrenaline rush is not meant for evil, but a drug fix for boosting morale. And nothing clears a mind, like exercising.
@bttjoseph #fitnessjunkie

Altered Life Perceptions by Joseph Batte

Altered Life Perceptions Vol I book cover

ISBN: 9781386423515
Audio ISBN: 9781987121698

Tarnished Lives, happily ploughing through ravished faces…
How has the human race turned out to appreciate violence more than passion and affection?

As I type this out, when it lands in a community I was born and raised, caution signaling bells and lights shall be activated. Elders of my community will hold an emergency meeting, and a series of severe punishments discussed for I. “How dare he go against norms deemed to instill discipline in hearts of many?” In my defense, I didn’t know I would be held responsible. Change scares many, but how will you discover something better, unless you try it out?
@bttjoseph #alteredlifeperceptions

HeteroSexual Chaos: A Decided Entrapment by Joseph Batte

HeteroSexual Chaos Book Cover

ISBN: 9781386798187
Audio ISBN: 9781987196559

Embrace yourself with a rare genre: Poetic Short Stories. Twenty-four poetic short stories, embedded with sparks of life drama and humor, based on actual events. Think through a box, rather than thinking outside of it, understanding life fully from an outside and inside perspective. Why restrict your subconscious?

Sneak preview:
Bound by norms of society,
I craved a deviant path of randomness
Only to be wholeheartedly consoled,
By weirdness and awkwardness
Vibrating through,
A flawlessly perfected physique
Decisions I made, due to resulting fear
Trapped destined energies, I ventured in
I was a drowning bug
But I kept breathing, as my hourglass tilted
Luckily enough,
I was rescued by a lesbian gynecologist
So much we shared
Very little we knew about each other
We connected physically and emotionally
Cradling inner strengths
Enabling our thinking through a box
Which yielded haling beginnings
Only those who had sex,
In a hemlock water dropwort, survived
All that had to be done, was to exploit,
An already forgotten, inner most subconscious.
@bttjoseph #heterosexualchaos

Ricocheting Regrets: Sadness in my Positivity by Joseph Batte

Ricocheting Regrets book cover

ISBN: 9781386991182
Audio ISBN: 9781987128246

Dark and Twisted Poetic Short Stories, sparkling with extreme imagery, meant to entice further thinking, enabling one, to tap deeper, into their inner most subconscious.

Sadness struck, positivity and joy,
I delightfully chanted
Enough was enough, fate sprung,
Swinging my soul
On an enchanted scarecrow
Owned by forefathers of time
Misery, sorrow, and darkness;
I blocked out of life
For more than two decades:
Escalated and converged
Shattering a wall,
I built with schools of differing thoughts
A healing power of walking away,
I once knew of
Echoed through cries,
Trapped and buried at a distance
Comforting foremothers of nature,
Were on a vacation
For so long, I was stuck in-between:
A past and a present
A bad joke, with already ran out luck, I was
I thought, I controlled my destiny,
But I never planned for fate
Self-pity of regrets,
I twiddled to places for years
Violently ricocheted, through revolving sadness
Tangled in tormented positivity,
I claimed, to own.
@bttjoseph #ricochetingregrets

All books are available in electronic and audio format at your favorite online store and library. Feedback of any kind about book content, composition, creativity and sightings is greatly appreciated: at store, library, GoodReads and across social medial platforms @bttjoseph.
Stay awesome and keep cool.
Joseph Batte

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadine says:

    Dear Joseph… you are such an inspiring and encouraging and artistic and disciplined and rebellious and wildly creative human being. I am so happy to find this post which shares the creations you have made as one unit. I have never made a book and I hope to one-day follow in your footsteps. I love Orgasmic Sinister, I will confess that my one block to reading it all immediately is I almost want to write about it as I am reading it (same problem I have with any book that draws me in. I’m an obsessive highlighter, note-taker, analyzer and questioner). But I will get the audio version and listen to it while I knit. Then I can get the full effect, since I loved your spoken word poetry also. Hugs and thanks for all your encouragement; means the world. 👏👊🤗😊😇👹😸🌷✨🎶📖


    1. Joseph says:

      Maybe I am just strange but am loving the “rebellious and wildly creative” part more 🤠🤫🙈🤐😎 I greatly appreciate that Nadine. I love it that you loved Orgasmic Sinister and please, feel free to fire away any questions.

      It is a good think you take your readings serious and nothing to confess about dear. I tend to analyze readings in my head but the results are often not pleasant; after jamming through several readings 😉😄😂😆🤣 I am looking forward to hearing about your noted analysis on Orgasmic Sinister.

      Your feed back is truly essential and very helpful. The timing is right; I am finalizing my sixth book of short poems, for a change this time, rather than poetic stories. Oops, 🙊🙊🙊 this had to remain a secret till the release date 🤩🤩🤗🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

      I once tried knitting but thread counts were confusing. Do you ever knit holiday themed sweaters?

      Yes, yes, go ahead and jot down that first sentence to initiate Nadine’s First Book. Given your writings, I have strong feelings it will be a good one. Wait, are you thinking of going non-fictional, fictional or a blend of the two with poetry? 🐧🐱‍👤🤪☺ 😄😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadine says:

        Oh what a lovely reply, thanks Joseph and for all of your encouragement!!! Two quick things, on your very last question about genre I guess I’m stuck on that. But I’ll likely write nonfiction to start and see how it morphs. About the knitting, oh you just made me laugh!!! Thank you!!! And no. No holiday themed sweaters. 🚫😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Joseph says:

        Nonfiction sounds great 👍 👍 Go get them Nadine 🙂🕵

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nadine says:



  2. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    Hi, beautiful, i liked it♠️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Joseph says:

      Awwh, thank you so much Ilona 😎😉☺


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