Spiced Exercising

Getting a flat tummy for a good-looking beach body is a goal for many. Not only does one freely expose their body, but live the best of their life, feeling proud about the accomplishment. Supplements, tablets, bath salts and a list goes on, are on the market. Very enticingly they are presented, but seeking tempted help needs to be done with caution. As far as keeping physically, mentally and healthily fit, I continue to do it old school: exercising like there is no tomorrow, dropping in yoga and meditating. Of course, reading, studying and eating healthy are incorporated.

Mondays are a toughie, yet it is the day I draft out exercises of the week, basing on an exercise routine.Exercises to be done incorporate 90% of body major and minor muscles. This includes those of the neck, thighs and legs. No one should ever forget leg-day. Furthermore, exercises are done in various body positions: sitting, bending, laying, squatting and standing. The combination ensures an overall well planned, coordinated, and thorough workout session.

However, a balance and care must be considered, when switching exercises and transitioning to the next body positioning. This avoids dizziness and loss of consciousness. A sudden jump from diamond push-ups to full length vigorous squats, is likely to knock you off balance, leading to dizziness and nausea. Been there, and the feeling isn’t a decent one. Please tell I that you have ever experienced it? Have you?

Exercises involving wide range height fluctuations such as full range squats and low lunges, are dreaded by many. They tend to cause dizziness and a temporary hearing imbalance, especially for a new exerciser. It is mainly due to sudden continuous pressure changes which affect organs of the ear, responsible for body positioning, balancing and hearing. Worry less, both conditions are reversible and with time, one gets to learn how to avoid them. Unfortunately, some individuals can’t withstand the feeling, crossing such exercises out of their routines. Apart from proclaimed knee injuries, this also explains why some trainers discourage new trainees from doing full range squats and low lunges. They are missing out.

Sudden and random changes in exercising are necessary. When trying out a new switch and transition, at the end, I spell out my name backwards. When done with ease and fast, I am still sober and can proceed. I know, exercising can be a drug to a junkie viewing life from a rear, with an altered perspective.

A constant way of living entertains many, but it gets boring with time, so will an exercising routine. I don’t know about you, but I always want to try out a new cuisine. Come on, who never likes trying out strange foods such as those of the Mediterranean? Is it possible to apply the concept to the way we exercise?

As stated in Fitness Junkie, one’s exercising routine doesn’t have to be static, but flexible to the optimum; thus, one enjoys life in various aspects and benefits. Not forgetting a change in scenery of an exercising arena, it does wonders. By mixing up one’s exercises: how and where they are done, one is inspired to wrap their body in continuous and stimulating workouts, achieving better results. So, how exciting are your workouts? Are you willing to try out something new? What of a friend’s workout routine? What of that exercise you have been putting off? Will the time ever come for you to do it?

More exercising insights in Fitness Junkie and on YouTube at BodyOut Count Challenges.

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  1. ritanam says:

    this is insane dude…

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    1. Joseph says:

      😁😂😂 that’s the fun part of it. Join in


  2. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    I’m not sure i could complete the task😄

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    1. Joseph says:

      Oh dear, we all have more strength than we think we do. Have you ever planned to do more five and instead did eight? 😐😇👏

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      1. ilonapulianauskaite says:


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      2. Joseph says:

        That’s the way to go 👊 👏 👏 👏 👏


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