Exercising Arena

Surprising as it is, not a lot of people evaluate where they exercise from. Although one should mainly focus on exercises done, a step needs to be taken back and analyze an exercising arena. It is good to change the exercising arena, but care must be placed into consideration. Briefly, a few key aspects to consider before diving into a series of exercises include:

Aerated: Without breathing air, there will be no energy generated by one’s body. This will be followed by loss of consciousness, thus no exercising done. That being stated, one should find an area which is well aerated, better yet without air pollution, for added benefits from exercising.

Hazard free: Much as I enjoy runs on a dirt, rugged, rocky and hilly winding path, I slightly reduce speed, if it is a first or second time I am on that path. This helps I get used to the nature of the path, with an aim of increasing speed in a near future.

Temperature: Retarded and insane workouts are my thing. But, but, I do not perform intense workouts, in extreme temperatures for a prolonged period. Once I start to feel or notice uncomfortable physical or physiological changes within, it is time to terminate the workout. This comes with knowing one’s limits. Therefore, before you go bare-bodied for a run on a very hot or cold day, know your endurance level.

Comfortable: A good set of exercising gear takes one places. This too applies to where one pumps in and out from. In case one is not at peace or comfortable exercising from somewhere, find a better place where you feel, you fully belong. This boosts morale and a better workout is scheduled to occur.

Clean: During exercising, most of one’s physiological processes are at their optimum. This makes one susceptible to infections and illnesses. Since exercising aims at improving health, one should exercise from a clean area to enhance that achievement.

Crowded: Achieving fame and recognition as an elite of the workout junkies, is a good thing. This can be achieved by constantly working out in a relatively crowded area and pumping out to the maximum. However, in overcrowded arenas, one may lose focus, failing to achieve full potential. Shortage of exercising equipment tends to follow.

Help proximity: Exercising is great, but it can quickly spiral out of control and turn into a total disaster. One should exercise from an area where they can easily get help, in case something occurs. If working out from a super isolated area, a first aid kit, as well as a good form of communication with speed dialing, come in handy.

Light: This may be personal, but I have found working out in a well-lighted area to be better than exercising in the dark. This was proven when I exercised in the dark.

Exercising insights based off Personal Experience

Motivation: There is nothing more depressing than working out in an area where one is constantly mocked or scrawled at. Situation worsens when it is done by friends and family. Ignoring such negativity takes courage and strength, thus one needs to keep pumping in harder and tossing mockers a smile; better yet, find another area to work out from.

Escape route: Although fully immersed in exercising, one should be on a look out and ready to run to safety, in case of a calamity or sudden breakout. This too applies in life: always know a nearest escape route.

A brief pulled from Fitness Junkie, available at your favorite online store and library.

More tips, hacks, insights, personal experience, exercises and challenges on YouTube at BodyOut Count Challenges.

Stay Awesome and Keep Cool.

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