Humped Festive Season

It is no longer awkward to gift a pack of condoms to a dear one, but the struggle remains real. I confess, I am an occasional “racist”, since I enjoy telling people how white or black they have turned, over the time I haven’t seen them. Indeed, I should have been aborted. On a slightly bright side, fun is filling up emotional crowds, blended with tremendous fear of being judged harshly. It depends on a thoughtful gift one offered. Many wonder what to offer as a present or gift, during the amazing and spectacular festive season? But, but, is there any difference between the two? A gift and a present? The lines are blurrily, thus won’t waste time, debating as to what is which, this festive. Unfortunately, the ultimate query remains, what the hell will you offer a someone, during this awesome and screwed festive season?

Times have changed, and festive seasons which were filled with celebrating, harmonizing and appreciating company of others, are long gone. Everything has become commercialized. The world of digitality is ruining lives of many. They are drowning deeply, into a fear of accepting reality. Personally, I am a huge fun of the digital world, but I also enjoy watching the moon on a dark night, with a dear one; there is no greater gift than that. Don’t take I wrong, I am not agreeing with a demented thought of a proclaimed wise saying: “happiness doesn’t buy you happiness”. Are you kidding? I would travel the world, making I the happiest person, just like fucken old-times kings.

I seem to be getting off track, but the thing is, there are no more truly inspired festive seasons. Festive seasons have turned into moments when individuals double check, how much they have, and are willing to spend, during the season. Being total arseholes and complete dickheads, producers and retailers of common giftable items, crack up prices, dry humping the total heavenly holy hell, out of the festive and cheered-up emotional crowds. Crowds throughout the world, resort to holding heads down, wondering what caused the prices to rise? Really? Two millenniums down and the same questions keep springing up? Legally, I should be allowed to add individuals with such queries, to the Punch in the Neck list.

Being a bit rusty about current shit ruining lives of many, I have a demented delusion, that we are currently in the festive season. Worry less, I am not devising means of becoming a sadist, with hope of ruining the season for the rest. I am delighted, to hear about your plans, and hope everything goes accordingly. That is if and only if, your plans involve cheering up others, and not proving how fucken great you are. In case the latter is your plan, am sure that plan is destined to destroy you at the end. Reality shall kick-in, twerking a shit out of you. I will calmly sit back relaxed, doing the only decent thing, an adult of the modern era would do: pull out my phone, start texting while debating: whose smarter? Auto correct, or I who initiated the damn text?

Have a blast, living life to the fullest while taking care of yourself, and those around. Stay awesome and keep cool.

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  1. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    and i’m offering the same gift for all friends, nice bottle of champagne, if person doesn’t drink, big nice box of chocolates!

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  2. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    *didn’t had much free


  3. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    true words💚

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    1. Joseph says:

      Your comment has inspired I to finish up this week’s post. Was feeling lazy and postponing it. Thank you. How did the festive season go for you?

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      1. ilonapulianauskaite says:

        I was working, even on new year😀did had much free time, usually i take my holiday in summer and in winter i’m trying to focus on work✅

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      2. Joseph says:

        Way to go. Summer is always a blast 😆😅 #keeprocking

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      3. ilonapulianauskaite says:



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