Full body Verses Specific Muscle WorkOuts

Personally, I enjoy immersing the whole body of mine, into an insane and retarded full body workout, on a regular basis. If and only if, wishes were granted, and didn’t have much to do, I would exercise daily. I do not consider a walk, or daily up and down movements to be a workout, even though at times, such walks and movements are straining and exhausting. Back flashing through time: when I used to cycle a bicycle daily for about eight miles, I never considered it to be part of my workouts. That was a time I discovered, I had become a Fitness Junkie. Worry less, I am currently a transformed one.

On the bright side, a full body workout incorporates many major and minor body muscle groups in a single setting. I know for sure, I cannot exercise all body muscles in a single workout session, a reason as to why I vary exercises done, within a two-week period. By immersing my body in a full body workout each session, more muscles are exercised, compared to focusing on specifically say arm muscles during a Monday session.

For someone who doesn’t participate in a sport for a career, I consider a full body workout to be better than focusing on a specific muscle group, during a session. This is because, during a full body workout, the body recruits muscles, based on resistance applied.

For instance, if someone is working out muscles of the core by doing sit ups, muscles of the thighs will be involved. In a full body workout, let as say that thigh muscles are already exhausted from squats done a bit earlier, sit ups will draw tension to the core, and participant will not be tempted to involve thigh muscles, but suck up the pain. Better results are to be gained, when someone does a full body workout, rather than focusing on a specific muscle group per session.

Although I am not a perfectionist and rarely judge, I am against workout sessions comprised of exercises targeting a specific muscle group; except for sports athletes. However, doing specific muscle group exercises, is better than one doing nothing, and turning into a damn couch potato.

Something else to be considered: I always think of a natural way of balancing life, as a way of keeping up with what is happening. A way we feel and perform our exercises varies, on an irregular basis. By focusing on specific muscle group exercises for a day, obtained results vary. One may claim, they alter muscle groups focused on, basing on the day. But, but, that is where trouble drops in: some days are suckier than others, and performance can be affected. Not once but twice, I tried focusing on specific muscle groups per session, and it felt wrong.

A well-balanced and exercised body is essential for good health and physical awareness. Also, by working out the whole body in a single session, less body “deformation” is likely to occur, and time is saved.

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  1. indirbak says:

    Thanks a lot and keep cool

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  2. Anonymous says:

    worth a try

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    1. Joseph says:

      Thanks a lot and keep cool


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