Ploughed River City: 8 of 8

Swinging my cerebral cortex,
Back and forth, through ravishing dirt
Information provided,
By the middle-aged man, was very helpful
I never had to waste precious time,
Sweet talking my way,
Through a random lady’s personal space
I was down, for whatever he said
A life I lived,
Had to be kept in constant motion
Preventing exposure, of a failed past
A demented someone, of a similar past,
Was known to always be watching
Perverted they were, keeping a distance
Differences in altitudes of locations,
Created sighting opportunities
Clearly observing and jotting down,
Harshly drawn conclusions and judgments
Comparing personalized lives,
To those they secretly observed
Life improvement, was searched for
Personal growth, was not considered
But, but; growth and development of,
Specific and highly appreciated body parts,
Were worldly valued
Many devoted to a sacred and aberrant life
Banging a platinum shit,
Out of lives, they pretended to care for
Exploiting thoughts known by a few
Harshly ravishing across,
In River City.

Pulled from HeteroSexual Chaos. All Rights Reserved

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