Beginning Yoga

No, and a firm no: yoga is not only for crazy arse double jointed individuals. In fact, I know of two double jointed individuals who are horrible when it comes to yoga. Since that is cleared and out in the open, lets dive right in, as to what one truly requires, before initiating a yoga session.

Starting with an obvious: Peace of mind: There is absolutely no way, and you should never be lied to, that a destructed mind is set and ready for yoga. It is a bad idea, in fact, a terrible one, to do yoga when destructed. During such incidences, meditating sessions are essential. To clarify, yoga isn’t all about meditating, but meditating is, and can be part of a yoga session.

Enough room: Sounds obvious, but it can turn into a total disaster, when transitioning between poses. Ensure that there is enough room for hyper-extensions, even if you sort of jiggle your body around.

Clothing: Yes, self-proclaimed moralists should shut up, when it comes to yoga clothing. Best yoga I do, is when I am wearing a brief, and nothing else. In this way, there is nothing like limited movement or stretching.

Goal in mind: Why are you doing yoga in the first place? Let it not be because everyone else around is doing it, and you want to be cool. Setting objectives and level of flexibility you want to achieve, are inspiring, and motivating.

Poses: It isn’t a matter of looking up yoga poses, then jumping unto a yoga mat. One should know the importance of doing a specific pose, and what risks are involved. Find poses which best suit you, as you slowly progress towards advanced poses. Advanced poses don’t necessarily mean super difficult poses. It all depends on how much practice you do.

Spirit guide and Instructor: It is good to have guidance along the way. This makes it easier, and one feels the comfort and company. Worry less my lonely souls and hearts, there are plenty of videos and apps, to assist in this arena. Calming, relaxing and natural sounds, come into play.

Grouped or single sessions? Why restrict yourself if you have an opportunity to take part in both? I say go for it. However, what makes one stronger, is always their ability to push themselves.

Recovery: For the time I have been seriously working out, which is coming to nine years, I get more body aches and sore, after a yoga session, than a heavy session of high intense heavy weight lifting. For I, yoga soreness is progressive and long lasting, compared to weight lifting soreness, which is intense, but lasts for a few hours or days.

How long? My sessions typically last for an hour and twenty minutes, except days of meditating and trying out of new poses.

Patience: Just because you have attended yoga sessions for a whole month, that doesn’t mean you are now a badass and get to do any scripted pose. Let us not forget that an important aspect of yoga is being humble, with a plan of progressing, and becoming better every other day.

In case you claim not to have enough time, a few morning yoga poses, accompanied with fifteen minutes of meditating, do wonders. You should try it.

More exercising insights and hacks in Fitness Junkie, available at your favorite store and library. Also, join I on Youtube at BodyOut Count Challenges, for exercising and yoga challenges, tips and modifications.

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