I am not sure why I felt good when someone complimented my English? Maybe it is because we are living in an opportunistic century, making true compliments rare. Or it has to do with a video of mine commented on by someone wishing for an English version? Yeah right, hang in there, the tormenting wish for an English version will be granted. On second thought, commenter could be sarcastic, which is sort of difficult to pick up via a public forum, designed and meant for serious shit and busy time.

By the way, who retardedly began busy time? Did it start-up as payback to a supposed to be dear friend? It followed a time you were hanging out with them, and someone else called them over the phone. You heard the friend you were with, responding over the phone, that they weren’t doing anything. Really? How dare they?

There you were, stranded like a stricken tree, withered in a middle of nowhere, wondering what to do to this previously thought to be dear friend. You sacrificed time, putting together a series of activities to engage your friend in. And here they are, lousily screaming over the phone, that they are not doing anything? I have been there and feel your smothering pain. As a matter of fact, by the power invested in I by the Judicial Social Code of Conduct, I authorize you to do to that friend, whatever swings by your brain first.

Anyway, am heading off topic and may hit a point of no recovery. But, but, regardless of why the she, of a her complimented my English, I felt damn good. To clarify, the video for which an English version was requested for, was published in fucken ENGLISH. Great.

Halt there for a moment, a couple of individuals may take it astray, since I mentioned a she of a her. Much as I am enjoying life in the screwed-up twenty-first century, many things have taken alternating routes. A need to clarify and verify what one intended is a necessity. Many are failing to accept that gender is fluid in nature. Backing up to a she of a her; not a her of a she, I am sure, it had nothing to do with her rocking body. Truth be told, I am considering dropping in an application next time I bump into her. It feels good being at the receiving end. I used to be the one who tossed out compliments, though they were often mistaken to be lines of flattery and flirting. Shit.

Since compliments I offered out were considered to be lines of flattery or flirting, I halted complimenting others, when I dived into a relationship. Not that she was a jealous type, I would like to think, but I did it out of respect and honor for her. It would make no sense, for I to offer out compliments, say: acknowledging a lady friend’s cool pair of appearing tits, in front of a dear her I was in a presumed relationship with. I didn’t completely seize the compliments, but I kept them rotating within, and secretly swallowed them.

I am aware, it is a fast-paced century we are residing in, but, but, complimenting someone doesn’t have to consume plenty of time. Tossing out a compliment to a random stranger on a street, say chanting out, “cool hut you have”, while heading to your destination will rob you off much. Will it?

Reflecting on a few times I have been complimented, those moments made my days. Days at times are rotten, and a simple compliment takes one through the day, or even a week. The last I checked, offering out a compliment to someone never costed I a thing. Alright, a little pride was robbed, but putting a smile on someone’s face was worth it.

In a venture of advocating for humanity meant to belong to a race which deliberately abandons everything it is destined to, let us make it a personal effort to appreciate good things we encounter. It isn’t because I love seeing people puzzled at the end of a compliment, wondering what I need from them, but it frees a busy jam-packed mind of mine. I end up fantasizing of what the other individual thought of the compliment. Some consider it weird, randomly offering compliments to strangers. But, but, think of the best compliments which made your days? If that compliment never came from a special someone, it came from a complete stranger. Let us embrace awkwardness encapsulated in lives we own, as we learn to appreciate and compliment those around us, as well as elements of living.

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