Finding Time to Exercise

Creating a specific time for exercising is straining, when one has a crazy and jam-packed schedule. However, to yield better results, exercising should be fun, rather than a piece of blazing pain in the butt. Eight years down the road, immersing my body in various exercises,  but I still have issues fitting workouts into a weekly schedule. Unless someone such as I is aiming at endurance, one does not have to do continuous exercises for over a hundred minutes, to benefit from exercising. A day’s workout can strategically be split up, and spread throughout the day. This makes exercising fun, instead of straining one’s mind and body. Let I offer you tips and hacks on how to get your day’s exercising fix in:

Stretches and Rotations: Easily done from anywhere and at any time in a few counts. These place strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments, accompanied with joint circular motions. Blood circulation is improved, enhancing body systems’ functioning and position awareness. Tangled muscle fibers are relaxed, reducing and seizing body fatigue. Stretches and rotations are perfectly done when one jumps out of bed, kick-starting the day. Three to five minutes are enough, and you are good to go.

Walking: Varying the speed and rate at which one moves and negotiates through crowds and corners on a busy street, provide good cardio and aerobic workouts. Muscles of the legs and thighs are strained and relaxed in various degrees, by changing style, rhythm and technique of walking. Muscles of the foot are exercised by varying ways in which one steps: full, half or quarter “foot” making contact with the ground. Controlled breathing is tossed in as a bonus.

Stairs and Escalator: Rather than dragging foot after foot, add in lunges: low, mid and high. Carrying luggage adds a desirable challenge, which I plan on trying out. Who needs an elevator?

Showering time: Waiting for water to warm up? Jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups, are done within eight minutes. Level of intensity is varied, depending on one’s needs.

Stuck up friend: Waiting for a friend to go hangout but they claim to be stuck in traffic? Get a few exercises in, unless you are watching the beautiful sun setting over the horizon. That friend isn’t arriving soon.

Bus or train station: Some of these places are disgusting and demoralizing. But, but, find a somewhat pleasant spot, and take a deep breath. As long as you can stand and move around, get comfortable. In a few minutes when breathing and heart beat rates are restored, initiate on-feet exercises such as squats, kicks, shoulder curls and others.

Shopping: I am not a fun of shopping. However, standing neck curls and extensions  are effective in creating an adrenaline rush, thrusting through my body. This pushs I through a shopping session with less frustration.

Irrelevant events: Is watching hourly news important? Spare some of that time, and dedicate it to exercising. There is no point in being informed about abandoned kids and puppies in town, yet you are abandoning your own body. Become selfish and work on your side core and lower back.

Eating: Although many are against eating while standing, I used to enjoy it. This was accompanied with having a job done on my feet. Increased hours of standing favored endurance build up.

Embarrassment: Never at any moment in life be shy, when it involves looking after your body. Get those weird leg spreads in.

More exercising insights in Fitness Junkie available in electronic and audio format at various stores and libraries, and on YouTube at BodyOut Count Challenges.

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