Who to Blame?

The one wearing a super short, short mini skirt; or the other staring dead straight at her glaring and shabbily appearing thighs from a distance?

I am a huge fun of indecency and enjoy watching a society “fall apart”, when it comes to sexuality of adults and young adults. I don’t get it, when a lady squatting or bending over, and wearing something super short gets pissed, when stared at, dead straight on, particularly at her well exposed beautiful legs and thighs? At times, lower butt chicks are a bonus, glazing the warm breeze drafting across.

I thought, the aim of wearing something short was for comfort, air freshening, and most importantly, showing off what one has, for others to admire and envy?

Since we are trending towards free genitaling as a lifestyle for better air circulation and freshening, a concern of whether one intended to also show off their “goods”, becomes an issue of concern.

Having been uplifted by porn and embraced sultriness in various formats, I am all in, for anyone who wishes to expose and show off their body; but, but, that body must be pleasant and above legal age – whatever the fucken hell that is.

A dear lady friend, who enjoys wearing nothing at all, and if need be, prefers something super short, says that she’s alright being stared at, as long as participating party doesn’t touch. A retarded concern rolling through delusional and mentally challenged self-proclaimed moralists, is that of people being punished on a later date, by some mysterious and mythical creature, thought to reside in hell.

Although I applaud showing off as much skin as possible in public, there is a concern of assault. This could be sexual, physical, mental, a combination, or worse, take on a new unknown level of assault. Perhaps, it is also difficult to run or self-defend when wearing a super short skirt. But, but, pulling the super short skirt higher, will be an excellent choice. Well, you can get boring with a super short pair of shorts, which is perfect for sprinting. Fortunately, long skirts or dresses won’t do you any good, but instead worsen the situation. I am striving hard to stay away from a query which is retardedly raised, during cases of sexual assault: “how was the victim dressed?”

To present day, I can’t figure out, how the victim was dressed, is related to their being assaulted and victimized. Are such questions not revictimizing the victim? Are we humans losing bits of hope and humanity left? Does your neighbor’s having a cool porch car entice and deliberate you into stealing it? I wonder how brains of individuals who raise such queries function?

Having read and followed several cases over the years, a criminal mind, is insanely a class apart, with limited limitations and scenarios. A someone dedicating themselves into doing something outrageous, won’t be stopped by a fact that, say the victim to be, is wearing something long. As a matter of fact, long – loose clothing offer easier access to one’s genitals, compared to super short and tight clothing, which is criticized.

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