Questionable Wallpapers

As of now, for those who follow my site, you are aware, and thoroughly well informed, as to how much I am a huge fun of indecency and sexuality. Many adults are still failing to accept and embrace a fact that, the world is truly driven on the rims of sexuality, as well as its components. I know, it is a bit difficult to understand and take in, depending on one’s thinking and reasoning capability. Worry less my sweet little and dear angels, with time, you will get to suck or lick it all up.

Any who, since I am someone who rarely hides who I am, or my views about sexuality and indecency, I tend to display them, in a life I live. This includes having wallpapers which strike eyes of many. Take note, images used as wallpapers, are not pornographic in nature, but hang between the lines. Without further due, let I present to you my favorite wallpapers of all times, as of now, which hit hard, eyes of many, leaving them puzzled, questioning who the hell this guy is, or where the shyness in him resides?

Starting with my favorite of all times:


1. Isn’t she just too adorable? Shut it, I know, and besides, she inspired I to enjoy the best of both worlds. In case you first cruised through the photos, you may be wondering why this made it to number one? Any who, imagine you are sitting in a hall, waiting for a graduate colleague to present their scientific research, and soon as they plug their laptop into the projector, this is what pops up?

2 do you really need a caption for this

2. Do you really need a caption or description for the above? Shut It!


3. Most probably simply exhausted. Right? Right.

4 definitely the akward chair pose insert link

4. This must be the spacial awkward chair pose I here yogists screaming about.

5 come on who doesnt like a lady with guns

5. Come-on, who doesn’t like a lady who can handle guns?

6 i desperately need a nun in i no wait i think i be in her right

6. I can now go to church . . . but, but, on second thought:  I desperately need a Nun in I. No wait, I think it should be I in her, right?

7 Am definitely in for a bon fire, it has been a while

7. Bonfire, whose in?

8 isnt she just creepy enough

8. Okay, alright, she’s a bit creepy

9 it was a great weekend

9. Living life to the fullest; it was a fun filled night. Why not extend the rocking into the tab?

10 mondays suck, i need fucken motivation

10. Mondays suck, I need some fucken motivation

11 too adorable to ignore

11. Too adorable to ignore

12 its gonna be a long night

12. It’s such a long day, so fuck off

13 nothing stranger than human genitals insert link

13. Nothing is stranger than human genitals. Excellent designing

14 speechless

14. Speechless…


15. Hey, want to play a game?


16. I loved this show. Sad it ended, but hey, not sure how appropriate this is for a wallpaper?


17. It must be the spirits I shagged down earlier


18. Simply because: she’s one of a kind, a rare species belonging to the human race.


19. Yep, am sure it is all just a misunderstanding

20 she has great balance

20. Pretty awesome balancing

21 yep shes in charge am sorry i cant hang out with you any more she says so

21. She’s in charge, am sorry for I can no longer hang out with you. She says you are bad influence

22 who the heavenly hell doesnt like an athletic lady

22. Who in this goddammit heavenly hell doesn’t like an athletic lady?

Take a pick, as to which one is your favorite?

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