When Best to Exercise

Excuses are a leading cause of many couch potatoes floating and roaming streets, we cherish and twiddle on daily. It comes as no surprise, that many have failed to find time to exercise, despite of a few hints I freely offer. Indeed, it is an interesting world we are residing in. My favorite as of now, is many claiming, they have no idea as to when, it is best, to exercise. Excuse my brain for a minute, as I struggle to take in, and comprehend this retarded excuse. Any who, let us break it down into simple terms: every time, is good time for exercising. One’s body will most likely respond differently to an exercise, at different times of the day. Because of that, it is best to find a time, which works best for you, better yet, switch it up, there and then.

Unfortunately, many world class athletes and trainers, with an exception of workout junkies, claim, it is best to exercise early in the morning. To a certain degree, that is true, but let us consider a someone, who works a late-night shift. Are you sure such an individual won’t either crush, or collapse during a workout? And no, I am not talking about individuals who go to work and sleep through. As I always state, it boils down to an individual: we are not the same, and that’s what makes us stronger.

Simply because a someone with a great physique uttered out loud that it is best to exercise early in the morning, it doesn’t imply, that soon or later, you will achieve that look, once you exercise in the morning. Please, don’t take I wrong, I am not criticizing early risers; in fact, I am one of them. However, I am super flexible, to ensure that other activities are not interrupted or compromised.

Personally, I prefer to workout when I have just woken up. At such times, my body is still in a super relaxed mood, and I need to kick-start it up. It thus doesn’t matter, whether I got up early in the morning, afternoon, or early evening. However, there were times when I used to exercise in the morning and evening daily. It was during those times that I realized: I needed help, I had turned into a messed-up workout junkie. I was exercising a lot, yet had college and work: it was an interesting experience. Fortunately, it was during those times, I realized, exercises are easier, once the body is already awake. This followed I pumping out over 200 full length push-ups, in less than three minutes, followed by bench pressing almost twice the weight, I usually pressed. Also, yoga poses were a walk in the park, when done in the afternoon, after a normal morning.

Lately, it is difficult to explain or define normal, since the word “normal”, has taken on, several meanings, from various schools of thought. Regardless of how fit or unfit you are, try your best to experience exercising, in various times, and identify when exercising is sort of a damn bitch. Then, that is your best exercising time: problem solved.

More insights in Fitness Junkie and on YouTube at Bodyout Count Challenges.

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