Damaged by Censoring  

I tried watching a reality show yesterday on a family television channel. I ended up with an excruciating headache. Unfortunately, I do avoid taking painkillers since they affect and alter my functioning. Besides, pain can be sucked up and converted into an orgasmic pleasure. I do not clearly understand why this channel decided to air a reality show, and ended up censoring it. Much as I tend to push boundaries of imagination, I failed to understand what the show was really about. Spoken sentences and phrases were filled with constant beeping sounds. For those who don’t enjoy reality shows, imagine listening to censored underground hardcore rap music; resulting feeling is mutual.

Since I failed to understand storyline of the reality show, I took on a challenge of trying to figure out possibilities of the censored words and phrases. A good amount of my time was wasted in the process. One may be like, why the hell did you not simply watch something else or find the damn uncensored version? Well, it was one of those times when one is affixed unto something, taking all measures to understand it. I regret wasting that time, but I wonder if broadcasters are aware of, irritation resulting from censoring beep sounds? Could they also have put into consideration, if at the end of censoring, the show still contained any slight piece of sense pertaining to the damn fucken storyline?

I am aware of society’s aim in trying to maintain general “morality”, mainly within rising youngsters. I once volunteered as a guidance counselor at a high school, trying to offer back to a community I lived in, only to find out a hard way. I was extremely eager and excited to work along with youngsters, hoping to also share personal experiences in terms of academics and social life. Youngsters of the high school, publicly followed rules and regulations of the school and general morals accepted by society. However, the youngsters were more screwed than prison gates. At first I thought some of them were being sarcastic and goofing off. Later on I realized, it was actual hard core reality, ravished into lives of the youngsters, with no single ounce of hope left. In some instances, I had to verify their ages, to ensure I was not simply imagining anything I heard. From then on, I find it very useless censoring shows broadcast over so called family channels, and besides, loopholes are part of media.

On the topic of censoring, can someone please help I understand this thing of blurring out a middle finger? Are youngsters meant to be sent astray, imagining as to what the heavens could be there? Could it be a truck riding a monkey? I leave that to minds of broadcasters and those in charge of censoring. Furthermore, why does censoring of swear words have to involve high pitched beep sounds? I applaud a few broadcasters who have replaced censoring of swear words with silence. Neither the less, screw beep sounds, they have tremendously irritated my tympanic membrane, causing more damage, than intended moral effect. At times I end up swearing back at random beep sounds, such as those which spring up on news.

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