Slaying the Dragon

By default, delusions and illusions of inspiration and motivation, to push one beyond their concerns and boundaries, is achieved through words. Grabbing one’s attention, is a token offered by motivational speakers, known to possess enhanced capabilities of comforting others. It is simple words forming a phrase, formulated in an intelligent, and vibrant way, set forth, with an aim of capturing attention of a majority. At times, phrases or statements formulated target a specific group of individuals, leading to: slogans.

Slogans tend to sound cheesy, yet tremendous effort is placed in formulating and establishing them. Not only are Slogans used in marketing of athletes and sports teams, they are also used in personal daily activities. Though cheesy and give off a stupid vibe, I incorporate a slogan in my workouts, as a way of keeping pace throughout.

The slogan I have is based solely on how I exercise, since I aim at pushing my body further, every single time I pump in. I don’t expect it to be easy, and never aim for perfection, since I know it that, there is, and will always be room for advancing, and progressing further. This is helpful since most of the time, I exercise by myself, with no onlookers to impress, as I flex. But, but, the latter could be replaced with a mirror, to admire one’s achievements.

I encourage you to formulate a personal workout slogan, easy to remember, yet complex in meaning, and drives you towards intended goals. These goals should be realistic, based solely on one’s needs and capabilities. These slogans could include: Do Not Terminate; Mission Undetermined, Destiny Unknown; There’s No Tomorrow; I hate my body, let I punish it; Pain is pleasure; Slaying the Dragon; It’s Therapy; Destined for Greatness.

Having been part of an athletics team, slogans have pushed I through many times, even when experiencing excruciating pain. Much as I enjoy exercising like hell, there are times when I am not in the mood. However, given my urge of never wanting to miss a workout, I push myself and proceed with exercising. Instances occur when I am about a half way through an exercise, and I feel like stopping. At that moment, three words flood my brain, roaming back and forth: DO NOT TERMINATE, which happens to be my workout slogan. Though no one may be watching, I feel ashamed halting or coming to a complete stop of the exercise. Technically, I am constantly watching myself to ensure proper motion is maintained throughout the session.

Think of something which pumps you up and gives you an edge of striking through a toughened ground. Such a thing should be incorporated in your slogan. Your slogan does not necessary have to be thoroughly thought through, neither appealing to those who come across it: slogan should instill energy and courage through your brain, muscles, thirst, and blood, as a way of pleasing your workouts, aiming at achieving your true desires. I encourage you to formulate your own slogan, and leave it in the comments below. Keep pumping.

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