Literally, Catch a Breath

Catching a breath between exercises is essential in providing required oxygen, to assist in generating energy for more pumping in. Some tend to take resting periods between exercises to a whole new level. Chit chat, checking one’s phone, or staring at an attractive someone should be avoided. Although the latter could provide inspiration and motivation. Sitting down or squatting are a no, no. Resting periods are for taking nice long deep breaths while walking back and forth, better yet: stretching and folding joints; enhancing blood flow, and restoring synovial fluid in joints, thus preventing injury.

Resting time should not take more than half of the total exercising time. But could be used to also sip some water. This is aimed at quenching one’s thirst, as well as moistening of dried lips and mouth. Taking large amounts of water during brief resting times is detrimental. Looking around and ensuring that one is still sober and no loss of consciousness, is encountered, are helpful.

Lying flat down, is a definite no, no too. This destabilizes blood flow, blood pressure, and breathing as well. I consider resting times between exercises to be magical, and used to mentally prepare for the next exercise. In this time, I also evaluate finished exercise, noting if improvements or adjustments need to be done. This may include shifting when I do that particular exercise. Although during such times my brain can be roaming with several thoughts and decisions, I keep calm by taking nice deep breaths, breathing from my stomach. I also prepare for the next exercise, say if I need to adjust positions, or apply padding for safety. Any obtained injuries can also be taken care of within this time, as one evaluates whether to continue or terminate exercising. Checking of a clock comes in handy, to ensure one is still on schedule.

I never use this time to check my phone, unless a very important call or message is expected. Luckily enough, at the moment, I do not think anyone has listed I as an in case of emergence. However, I am sure those close enough to I, do know about my amazing and horrible relationship with phone calls.

In case I am at a gym, I sometimes use resting times to spot someone in need of it. I also look around, and try to find if there is someone doing something I am not familiar with. If I don’t get it, I keep an eye out, when they are done, I rush up to them and enquire about the exercise. Of course, I do approach with a friendly jolly face, which is difficult to ignore. I make the enquiry as quick and brief as possible, and I count it as my resting time.

Resting for long periods results in loss of courage to continue exercising. One’s muscles may enter a super relaxed state, which requires the muscles to be reactivated say by stretching and rotations. All through workouts, I switch from one exercise to another, with little resting time, to literally simply catch a breath, and I avoid drinking a lot of water. When exercising, so as to keep my body in a fairly constant exercising state.

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