Ploughed River City: 2 of 8

Swinging my cerebral cortex,
Back and forth, through ravishing dirt
You thought I was crazy,
Ever since you saw I,
Cycling a bicycle, without working brakes
Down a sloppy hill, on a stormy Winter day,
Wearing a lovely pair of board shorts,
And a wide open V-neck t-shirt
Coming to a complete stop,
With assistance of my right flip-flop
Steadily operated by my right foot,
Directed by my right leg
But controlled, by thousands of neurons
Dry humping each other, in cosmic energies,
Residing in a left hemisphere, of my brain
You and others said, I was nuts,
Trying to impress females I passed by
You were all right: Warmth radiating from I,
I was willing to share
Encouraging cosmic flow of energies,
Between I and a random female,
Who needed it;
Because of elevating coldness
Harshly ravishing across,
In River City

Snatched from HeteroSexual Chaos, a Decided Entrapment, available in electronic and audio formats across various stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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