Mood of Exercising

There is that thrill and urge for energy, which we all love to have, when it is time for exercising. Unfortunately, this is not the case, when one stays up too late a previous night. Loss of energy and motivation are encountered, and one cannot escape them. If it is a personal workout, one has an option of canceling, and then get enough rest. Many times for I, this does not end well. When I try to get more rest, a thought of having to exercise, gets stack in my head, and roams back and forth.

Since I exercise in the morning or afternoon, on several occasions when I have nothing main planned for the day, I wake up, exercise, shower, have food, then go back to bed. Sounds pathetic? Right? Right. But, you are now missing the point: I still get my exercise fix. I remember one time falling asleep during a relaxing yoga session at a beach. I moved into a corpse pose, and woke up after about an hour, when the tide and waves increased. And yes, when I woke up, I smiled and proceeded to finish the rest of the scheduled poses, only to see a photo taken by a friend, days later, when I got tagged in.

How one generally feels, is essential in a way they do exercise. At times, I have altered my workouts, to fit in with a way I feel. Days on which I feel down, I do exercises I am more comfortable with, such as push-ups, jumping jacks, crouches, and a few others. On such days, I avoid doing new exercises or modifying my routine. These exercises I am comfortable with, they assist with restoring of my normal mood, and I cheerfully proceed with the rest of the day’s activities.

Exercising in a sad, angry, gloomy, and/or frustrated mood, affects one’s exercise. Some think that it is good to exercise or train while angry, as they get to feel an adrenaline rush. True, but let us not forget that the aim of exercising, is to place one in a normal daily mood, aimed at well-being, and good general health. An angry or sad mood, uses up a lot of energy, straining the body in the end. The energy is thus lost, and not put to good use. I try to cheer myself up, whenever I am initiating an exercising routine.

Some may wonder, do I exercise when I am tired and exhausted? Yes, I do, as long as I am sure of a good meal and enough resting at the end. With time, I have experienced sudden recovery, that is to say, feeling better after a workout session, which I initiated when exhausted. I also find it a challenge, to see how far I can push myself, as well as how much more, my body is able to take. It is a strange enticing feeling at the end, with a pat on my back, feeling proud. Not only do I get to feel motivated for another time, but I am also inspired, and ready to take on different life challenges.

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