How Long? Stay Longer

I spent two hours and eighteen minutes working out three days ago. This included minimal rest periods in between, to catch a breath. Much as it sounds cool, it initiated several caution lights and alarms. I know, I am a verified workout junkie, but based on the intensity of my workouts, that is a lot of time. Hash tag that for a moment and relax, I am working on it, to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Normally, my workouts last for about an hour and forty-five minutes, give or take twenty minutes. It depends on various factors such as time of the day, what I am doing, and how I am feeling. The surrounding really does a number on one’s workout. If following my normal routine, with no adjustments, modifications, or add ins, working out is a bliss. Tables are turned, when I am trying out something different, or increasing count.

Several forums and experts suggest different lengths of time, one should spend exercising. Neither of them are wrong, since it all depends on what someone is aiming at. Sadly, many individuals end up focusing on how long say they spent at a gym, rather than what they did over there. One may set apart an hour for exercising, but spend about sixteen minutes or more on their smartphone, add on about twenty minutes of resting. At the end, one has only exercised for about twenty-four minutes, out of an hour.

Whenever I schedule a workout, I try my best to ensure that there won’t be interruptions. This includes keeping my phone away, unless I lost a timer, and phone is of help. Also, exceptions are made, when there is a family or dear friend emergency. As in, thanks to technology, though phone in silence, “special contacts” will sound out loud. I am a huge fun of small talk, but if I am to work out with a partner, no chit chat is allowed. In case interrupted, unless in a rush, I stay longer, to compensate for lost time. This enables I to complete all scheduled exercises. Never at any single moment, do I transfer exercises to another session, or day.

However, a question remains: how long should one truly exercise for, to become, or remain fit? Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical time frame, as it all depends on what you are aiming at, and how you exercise. For example, my workouts mainly focus on endurance, strength and then flexibility, in that order. This order of focus will differ for say a bodybuilder, or a yoga junkie. Along those lines, also comes a query of how often one exercises? A precise answer to this query too, cannot be provided, since as humans, though we have the same basic systems of life, our bodies differ. However, a general rule of thumb: an hour a session, three times a week, do the trick. But, one shouldn’t nail I down to it.

I continue to do unique series of workout sessions, in which I switch from one exercise to another, with limited rest periods, only to catch a breath. Some individuals who have watched I exercise, wonder what I am training for? I always reply, “I am trying to get in shape”, as I toss them a smile. Occasionally, they smile back, shaking their heads in disbelief. Enormous pride I feel, as I proceed to my next exercise, taking a glance at a watch, to ensure, I am still on schedule, and everything is going as planned.


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