The Amazing Abs’ Myth

It is truly inspiring and interesting as to how aspects of exercising are gradually changing. Accepting and giving in to change isn’t an easy thing. But as humans, we have to thrive and move on, gaining insights of what is happening. I recall olden days when fitness was correlated to how big one’s muscles appeared. Muscle gaining supplements came on the market. They are widely spread across the globe and easily accessible by anyone. This led to a downfall, and less recognition of huge muscles. Thank greatness, that era is gone. A new rising era consists of possessing great looking abs, keeping in shape, and feeling good about one’s body. Unlike biceps, one cannot simply take formulas to obtain good looking abs. This is an excellent way to identify a true athlete, exercise/workout junkie, and a disciplined trainee/trainer. One has to truly do the work, and take good care of themselves, as a way of getting these amazing abs.

Often times, people immerse themselves in doing endless sit-ups, crouches, or other “abs exercises”, while not putting into consideration, anatomy of the human abdomen. A human abdomen, is generally divided into three parts: Lower, Mid and Upper abdomen. Depending on which, and how you do, a particular abs exercise, a specific part of your abdomen, will be mainly involved. What happens, some individuals do for example sit-ups, and after about two months, they give up, claiming: it is not working. There are several articles I have come across, clearly stating that certain abs exercises are not effective. Sadly, some of these articles are written by certified, famous and recognized personnel, misleading others, looking up to them.

We all have “abs”, except some have bigger, firmer, tighter, and outseen abs, compared to others. Like any other muscle in the body, abs muscles need to be stimulated, mainly through stress. This is mostly achieved through exercising, leading to their growth, development, and increase in size. Also, abs muscles are covered by inner membranes, tissues, and layers of fat. It is mainly layers of fat which cloud appearance of one’s great abs.

Do not forget, one’s body works as a single unit, and you cannot simply focus on a specific body part, to attain a kind of good body you wish to have. Given my experience of about eight years in exercising including yoga, accompanied with extensive knowledge in human anatomy and physiology, it is better, for an individual to involve themselves in various forms of exercising. Not only will this grant one a great looking body, but one’s health will also be improved, alongside boosting of the immune system.

A very important aspect of exercising to note: our bodies differ. A specific exercising routine, including yoga, may have worked for someone; this doesn’t necessarily mean, it will work for you. Start off by cruising through a series of routines, pushing your body in various workouts, till you find what works best for you. There are variations and modifications which can always be done, to accommodate one’s needs. Always feel free to send I a question, and I will provide an answer, to the best of my personal gained knowledge, experience, and insights over the years.

Stay cool and keep exercising.

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