Personalized Workout Schedule

Just because it worked for someone else, it will not necessary work for you. In case this happened, extinction of the human species will be initiated. Total disaster will occur, you and I, shall be no more. Quit inquiring what exercise routine someone follows, unless you are using it as a comparison, to know where you roughly lay, better yet, to draft out your own. Perhaps you may inquire what kind of exercises they do, and incorporate them in your routine.

While starting out, you may mirror someone’s routine, but with time, find ways to personalize the routine. Make your routine unique, aiming at attaining your goals. Let it reflect who really you are. In that way, you get to be proud, and feel that inner prestige: “I formulated and follow my routine”. Not only does this make one proud, it somehow encourages you, to push yourself further, as you aim at making your routine better.

I do not believe in perfection. I know, there will always be room for improvement, thus aim at becoming better than the person you were a day before. Do not get discouraged in case your current routine is lame, compared to a friend’s or an elite athlete. I have been there, and it takes time, courage, and of course, determination. No matter how someone else motivates you, only you, can decide.

Image of post, is an exercise routine I drafted out in 2008, when I took on exercising seriously. It still forms a basis of my work outs, but modifications are regularly made, basing on current life schedule, access to a gym or beach, and of course, I took out one other day, for added rest.

One should avoid keeping a stale exercise routine, as it gets boring. Spice up your routine with other exercises from elsewhere. Every about two months, I look up new exercises that I have never tried out. These exercises do not necessary have to be entirely “new”, but they can be variations of exercised I currently do. These can include shoulder squats or single leg squats, instead of normal squats, thus focusing on entirely different muscle groups.

By varying my exercise routine, I keep motivated and inspired, longing on, for something new, and an urge to improve. As of now, my routine, runs for about five times a week, in a two-week interval. What I mean is that, within two-weeks, I exercise ten days, but I never do the same exact exercise format, within this two-week interval. For example, in week-one, I may do pushups with elbows pointed to the back, then in week-two, I do pushups with elbows bulging outwards. Although it is the same exercise, the variations do involve slightly differing major and minor muscles. The difference may be minor, but remember, in a world of elites and athletes, every little thing matters.

As long as you are safe, there is no exact right or wrong way or order, in which to exercise. Vary your exercises, do them in varying combinations, till you find out, what works best for you.

Create your own exercise routine, and stay cool.

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