Intimate Exercising

My norms of interacting and relating, are several degrees off, what is expected by many. In the beginning, it was a bit complicated, but as time went by, I accepted a fact of standing out in a crowd. This also included ways in which I do exercise. To clarify, I no longer exercise, but I do workout. I consider my route of physical training to be “work-outing”, rather than exercising mainly because, I need a strong urge of feeling an intense burning sensation, at the end of each session.

I consider doing about fifty regular push ups to be exercising, as a way of keeping one in shape. However, for I, I prefer to dial it up a notch, thus doing about a hundred forty regular push ups, without taking my hands and feet off the ground. Instances are a bit switched, when it comes to unusual push ups such as one hand push ups, where numbers are lowered.

Individuals throughout, exercise, workout, and train differently, depending on a variety of reasons. However, it is always good to have an estimate, of where one lays, in terms of progress. It makes no sense, keeping the same working out routine, year after year, without knowing, if there is any improvement. To offer an evaluation helping hand, I run a YouTube Channel titled BodyOut Count Challenges, as a way of setting up a measure, for others interested in knowing how they are progressing. In this way, one benefits more, from their exercise/workout.

BodyOut Count Challenges mainly focuses on exercising and working out without equipment. This is because, one doesn’t necessary have to possess equipment, to maintain proper health, keep physically fit, and have a strong body as well. I mainly focus on Endurance, which is where “Count” comes in, followed by Strength, to be able to hold one’s body, and of course, Flexibility. I aim at posting as many exercises as possible, which involve both major and minor body muscle groups. We shouldn’t forget that one’s body works as a single unit, and it is important, to work out all body muscles, to avoid having a “strange” looking body frame, and “unbalanced” general muscle strength.

Many individuals tend to leave out the flexibility aspect of exercising. This is a very risky move, as strongly created muscles are highly susceptible to injury, if not flexible. I offer a common example of steel: very strong, but if deformed, chaos arises. Having flexible muscles avoids common injuries, soreness, and other crap, which follows exercising. This discourages many.

With adding more years, exercising is one of the few things still left in a life of mine, that I do enjoy. Often, I “recycle” workouts, incorporating in new exercises I come across, weigh how I do them, and if they seem challenging, I add them to my routine. Exercises that seem easy, I do not kick them away, but once in a while, I do them, to ensure that I still have it.

Please do not exercise with your eyes. No matter how easy an exercise seems, go ahead and knock it out.

Make exercising your hobby. Stay Cool

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