Boobs and Vaginas

I find it interesting that no matter how many sexual references I have so far made, tossing out my appreciation for female genitalia, many still think that I am gay. However, I continue to take it up, as a compliment. My dear, have you taken a closer look at their lifestyle: living in the moment, good sense of fashion, wearing comfy shit, great sense of humour… Oh, do you want I to go on?

Sometime back, I challenged you to say vagina and die, in an attempt of raising female awareness, but many failed. I also encouraged you, to avoid making decisions out of fear, but grab decisions by the tits. This too, many failed, and they wished to have had balls. Seriously? Have you ever grabbed someone’s balls that hard, and they never returned a punch? Unless you restrained them, or they are into bondage and other fetishes along those lines. That, I believe, is a good thing, since we have been uplifted by porn. But am sure under normal circumstances, such as breastfeeding, mom’s boobs are at times bitten, and all is soon good and well, unlike with bitten balls.

As a matter of fuck, I am sick of hearing: “don’t be a pussy, have balls”. Many have dangled their life into a catastrophe of misused words. They have failed, to acknowledge the greatness of the female genitalia. It is sad, that many are unaware, of the word pusillanimous, which refers to lacking courage, and manly strength. Some lazy arsehole of a shithead decided to abbreviate the term, and many have adopted it, in an attempt of sounding cool. But really, how dare you compare something capable of withstanding several hours of constant rough pounding, better yet, squirting out a whole new little human, to something that retracts back inside, when a slightly reasonable force, is applied to it? Really? Are we humans forgetting our ultimate power of human intelligence which is enabling us to thrive through tough and shitty times? Credit must be offered where due, and you too, deserve to offer it. I come to appreciate more: boobs and vaginas.

All is good, and all is well, as some may confuse my involvement in several LGBT support groups, and gender awareness forums, as being gay. We humans, must look out for one another, since we are living in tough times. Remember the days when interracial relationships were an abomination? It was all due to unawareness of the residents of those eras. I know, sadly, interracial relationships are still viewed as evil by a few nasty communities across the globe, but there is hope, one day, all will be good. Dialing back to this thing of many thinking that I am gay, I find no shame in sipping down a freshly made cocktail, having a “flower umbrella” and a cherry on top, as long as it tests great. I still find it disturbing, every time I recall the guy who requested for an “easy” margarita in a tall glass, so that he could appear to be drinking, a manly drink. Are you shitting I? My mind was blown to pieces in the instance, but I calmed my neurons, by shagging down several shots of ram and tequila. Dark and strong, is how I love it, but I can never pass on an opportunity, of a nicely made fresh cocktail, no matter how “feminine”, it is presented: gender is fluid you little shit.

I know, I once also wrote an entire ebook titled HeteroSexual Chaos, A Decided Entrapment, which is embedded with lots of life drama, dark and twisted humor, focusing on weirdness surrounding heterosexual relationships. Despite of all that, I still love boobs and vaginas. Butts tend to get in the way, thus prohibiting or making certain sex positions difficult. As a result, butts never make it to the list and I shall thus stick with boobs and vaginas.

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  1. Tony says:

    Lovely liquor choice..abt the boobs and stuff…it’s already embedded in we… Cool ideas lessons learnt .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      The pleasure is mine. And the legend goes on…


  2. Joe says:

    I believe what you say in this article but I got one question, is it possible for a dog to play with meat/bone and not eat it or how do you expect not to be burn after playing with fire?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joseph says:

      Interesting metaphor used, but am sure the human brain is capable of distinguishing between what it truly likes and adores. Thanks Joe


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