Never Forgetting the Basics


Although I am a Scientist and a huge fun of advancing and modifying life events and aspects, it never takes a way a fact that I am human. Deep down within I, there is, and will always be bits of humanity. It doesn’t matter, no matter how much I rendered, and still are rendering myself emotionless, finding comfort in it, humanity, will be in I. Occasionally, even when not meditating, I reflect on a life I live, remembering who truly I am, and reminiscing about the good old days. I know, it scares a bloody shit out of I, with scars to bear witness, but I can’t rewrite history, nor relive it. Furthermore, I can’t make up for lost times or opportunities. This was one of the realizations which hit I hard, coming to believe that, there is no such thing as a second chance.

Much as we struggle daily to rip ourselves off the basics of humanity which include caring and taking care of others, those elements occasionally find their way back in lives we pretend to live. This sort of leads to a fact that people do not truly change, and it is all a pretense, or an illusion, with the truth hanging in space. It sounds strange to ears of many, but the fact remains, the basics engraved in us, trail on throughout life, or lives we claim to live. I now get to believe, and realize it.

There is this thing done by many, when they hit rock bottom, and all hope is gone: having a fresh start. It tends to follow a series of bad and wrong decisions one after another, until a moment when one can’t take it in, anymore. Unfortunately, we forget one thing: there is no such thing as a fresh start. As humans, we follow basic instincts of survival, engraved deeply in us, right from an early age. Alright, some may argue, and proclaim, that with the right amount of motivation, strength and focus, a complete fresh start, or change, is very possible. Well, I come to bear witness, it is all an illusion, worse still, a delusion. When one takes a closer look at the change or fresh start one is making, it is this person reliving their life, with bits of modifications.

Making changes in life, or ways of living, is a necessity, but keeping the basics at hand, is a life saver. Fun fact: no matter how one strives hard to get rid of the basics, when cases of trouble and chaos strike, we go back to the basics, which we have been struggling so much, to get rid of. Come to think about it; rather than struggling to get rid of the basics, let us embrace, and understand them better. As a result, better life decisions shall be made, without cases of unforeseen occurrences. Halt for a moment, one may end up being called basic, but all is well, and all is good. Focus and objectives in life shouldn’t be lost, but with an aim of being better than who one was, a day before. To verify and clarify, whether it is a personal decision, or decisions for a group of individuals who are greatly against every move you make, keep the basics in mind, as a precaution.

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