Elite Researcher’s Cry: 2 of 7

Everything, as in everything,
And I deadly mean everything
Spiraled out of control, it was expected
A blindfold, I had on, I clearly saw through
A future, of the Elite Researcher
I had been here before. Nothing had changed
Not even the weather, it was all the same
Darkness, I breathed in, danger, I sniffed
And regrets to come, I observed from a distance
I had to ensure my own safety,
Before even that, of the Elite Researcher
Bad news, the Elite Researcher became
His fall, was to be a hard one
Defying, all laws of gravity, motion, nature
And momentum, ever known to mankind
I strived hard, to snap out of it
It was too late, I was already in, too deep
I couldn’t save myself
Neither the Elite Researcher
Together, the Elite Researcher and I,
Were bound by fate, I could not escape too
Here I was,
Tangled in responsibility which wasn’t mine
What was I thinking?
I should have kept my personal life private
In my own Burnt Heavens, I could be
Doing what I do best: observe, analyze, perform
And deduce, new ways of living
Simplified and easier, than current life ways
A life I had, it was pretty, it was picture perfect
No regrets, I welcomed or entertained
That life, quickly became a past
A past of misfortunes,
With no warning signals received
Only long uncounted hours of labor
In unfamiliar enormous Burnt Heavens
An Elite Researcher, I became

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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