Elite Researcher’s Cry: 1 of 7

Smuttiness crowded judgement
A second encounter, not to be forgotten, struck
This one too, I was there, I watched it all happen
More insights and observations, I had in I
Another great mind, but less than the one before
Crumbled off a random and strange cliff
Rising waves, waited from beneath
At about thirty-two feet high,
With a groovy rolling motion
The waves, dismantled this other great mind
At a rate, I precisely and accurately calculated
I finalized the results, and the rate
Was faster than how quick,
The great mind’s predecessor, vanished
It was another moment, history was made
Engraved, into new rising souls
A poor generation, to be tortured,
By something they never saw
This great mind, belonged to none other than
The Elite Researcher
Following footsteps, of The one and only
The greatest of the great, an elite of the elite
The Architect, the Cadaver Architect
Unfortunately, the Elite Researcher’s mind, was doomed
He had no control, or power, over his own mind
A free spirit, he re-transformed himself
His foreseers, their advice, he danced swing to
The dance was catchy, he was that good. I enjoyed it too
A sorceress came, to offer a leading hand
The Elite Researcher, uttered sweet loving words
Through her body, mind and soul, the bastard was talented
With the sorceress in his hand, reality was lost
A future, the sorceress came to rebuild, was cursed
An awful and awkward day, approached
Initiation of an Elite Researcher’s cry, was calling
I could hear and feel it
Echoing through winds from a past
A past, of misfortunes, I witnessed before
It was getting too late, he never cared
The Elite Researcher, wouldn’t escape

Grabbed from Ricocheting Regrets. Available in electronic and audio formats across several stores and libraries. All Rights Reserved.

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