Bad Boy Vibe

I once nearly joined a cult-gang, with a sole purpose of impressing her. That is no news, especially for an aspiring young-star, struggling to prove themselves at home, school, and the community. It is further known, individuals with a shitty edgy vibe, are more appealing, and known to capture attention of many. I had a thinking, joining a cult would make I super cool, and then, she would be all over I. Just before I kick-started the initiation series of events, it hit I: Joining a cult-gang with a sole purpose of penetrating her? Dude, that is just too low.

There I was, with eyes twerking back and forth, drowning in a battle of questions roaming in and out of my brain, wondering what the hell to do. It was plain, clear and simple, do what I want, to determine what kind of a shitty life follows. The struggle is real, and I can’t deny it. However, one question always came back, and I desperately needed an answer: why are many individuals who are attracted to males, more into males with a bad boy vibe? Does it have anything to do with control, or sexual pleasuring? Could it be that dirt-bike appearance? Or the essence of being presumed as a community outcast? I get it, it is all about something different. Unfortunately, I was dead wrong.

Following a series of interactions with various forms of humans, I deduced something. It is surprisingly more about this caring thingy, encapsulated in souls of many humans, by Mother Nature. Though many strive to hide and deny it, it is inevitable, thus one needs to accept it. It does turn out that those who are into individuals with a bad boy vibe, they briefly enjoy it, while in a back of their diluted mind, they have a delusional thinking, that they will change this individual. No you idiot, you won’t, and you are not the first, so cut the bastard off.

Twenty-nine years in counting, and no, I am not using the famous Mayan calender, but I still don’t get it: someone hoping and planning to change another? Are individuals suffering from lack of shit to do? The irony, here I am, caring about individuals who have no idea that I do exist, and criticizing their delusional form of caring. Humans, indeed, they are a rare and special kind of creatures. I sometimes wonder how planet earth would be like without them?

Don’t get I wrong, having a bad boy edgy vibe is cool, but is it the kind of life you really want to live? Are you not simply chasing after false hopes and dreams? Why join a damn cult or gang, with a purpose of impressing someone, who may not even be into you? Let us grab decisions we make by the tits, keeping in mind, that having company of a nearby attractive species, with an edgy vibe, comes with a price. The price may not be immediate, and you may mumble about how smart you are, but the world is truly an interesting place, with many strange creatures claiming to be, members of the human race.

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