Small Talk

Have you ever felt like shoving whatever you have in up someone’s arse? No, and a firm no, I am not encouraging and motivating anyone to be violet. However, societies we reside in have stated it crystal clear, that violence is okay. Are you still in doubt? Head out to a nearby crowded movie library and ask for an action-packed movie. All is well and all is fine. You may even be applauded and hand shaken depending on your title selection. Walk to a next crowded movie library, and this time, ask for a porn movie. My dear, you now have an answer. It is truly an interesting world we are twiddling in.

Any who, that seems irrelevant and even too low for I. But that is what I sort of call small talk. Don’t expect I, not even in haunted heavens, to talk about the damn fucked up weather, or day to a random stranger and call it small talk. I prefer diving in deep, even though I have no idea, as to what your itches are. This drives many nuts, and they are only left to wonder, as to what kind of an individual I am. True, I sometimes also wonder who I am, but am sure, that has nothing to do with what I am supposed to be typing out.

Many do it wrong, and think that small talk should be aimed at something, thus one must make it relevant and intelligent sounding. Yeah right, good luck with that. I tried that shit once and ended up being called a geek. That was before being a geek was cool, and people where still wrapped up and interested in one another’s shit. I sort of miss those days, but, but, that’s irrelevant too, since one needs to appreciate every ducken moment.

Seriously, I see no point in one stretching their brains out, especially on a night out trying to create intelligent small talk. On a night out, one is supposed to be chilling, having fun, and creating new cherished moments. Well, one may be having hope of creating new contacts for personal gains, then I offer you a pass. We happen to be members of an opportunistic species, striving to screw the other, as hard and much as one can.

Finding something which is catchy and grabs your interest is the way to go. Once it is interesting to you, you could simply utter out all bull crap, as the other individual follows a long. An interesting crowd is out there, as many prefer being entertained, rather than actively participating in shit which could be beneficial.

Worry less my sweet dear angel, there is no such thing as being too shy to initiate small talk. It turns out that not many individuals are interested in how you portray yourself, but rather how, you interact with them. Unless you happen to be some hot piece of arse, with something truly interesting, or pleasing someone’s sexual appetite, you are totally screwed. This is totally true, once you keep proclaiming, and presenting yourself out, as a fucked-up shy individual. As a matter of fact, toss yourself out there, initiate small talk, and may be, just may be, someone will be glad, and pleased to jump in and ride a long with you.

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      Thank you


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