Victimizing Raped Victims

I don’t care if my brother raped someone, I will stand by him and support him.
But he is a man, how was he raped?
What was she wearing?
She always throws herself at men, she deserved it.
That’s what she gets for being a slut.
She had to pay up all the money, which was given to her.
Did they just force a boob into her mouth?
She never fought back, so she enjoyed it.
She says it was good, so it’s not rape.
But they are good friends?
It’s time for her to find a husband.
She’s a liar, my husband could never do that.
They are married, why claim she was raped? She shouldn’t have got married then.
A man has his needs
He wanted to prove that he is a man
How does someone give a nonconsential blow job?

And the fucken series of messed up, and screwed out spoken phrases, continue. Sadly, many of these, and others a long those lines, have been heard in courts of law, from even so called “pillars of the community”. The worst is that these “pillars of community” are usually highly respected, and a verdict may rule in their favor, even if, they are the culprits, and doing the re-victimizing.

Consent, it is what it is. No matter how spicy and hitted up a moment is, the other party must agree. There shouldn’t be any form of assumptions, since we always never know, what goes on in a mind of someone else. Yes, whether married or in a damn serious sexual relationship, you could be a victim.

Unfortunately, some members of societies we reside in, don’t offer help, or hope, in assisting those who have fallen victims, to this outrageous act. Phrases typed above, I have heard some of them in person, and the rest, read them, from various media platforms, including social media. It is terrible, how at times the word raped is tossed around. Just because a someone prefers to show off as much skin as they wish, it is no reason, for them to be forced into undesirable acts. And for the first phrase: yes, I know all about it, family is what it is, but seriously, I took an assumption, what if the she who posted it, was the victim? How would she feel? Wouldn’t she end up resenting the entire family? Even if one is a family member, they should be held responsible for their deeds.

Since it is the damn twenty first century, we are trailing towards globalization and free living. Assisting one another, to achieve it, and be happy, should be our goal. It isn’t an easy act, for one to step forward, especially if they belong to what stupid societies have categorized as “high risk victims”, to utter out they were raped, especially by a “pillar of the community”. It takes much courage and strength, accepting and embracing any form of resulting awkwardness, despise, and hatred, which are most likely to result.

As responsible and caring individuals, it is our duty, to assist those who have fallen victims, rather than making them feel shitty, about themselves. We shouldn’t be quick to judge and conclude, but always take an assumption: what if the situation was reversed, and it was I? Or a dear someone, I truly care about and adore? Could I simply go on that I deserved it, or they deserved it, because I, or they were dressed sultrily?

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