Voices In my Head

Peter: Joseph, do you believe in God?

Joseph: No, I don’t. Okay, alright, I used to. In fact, I once dreamt of becoming a priest. But, that was with a sole purpose of casting demons out of people; better yet, become the first black pope. My fucken dream got annihilated by a bunch of bureaucratic nutcrackers. They claimed: only a selected few, are authorized to perform exorcisms. For the black pope thing, they nodded their heads, smiled and I think, they later jacked off.

Peter: No Joseph, priests don’t jack off. All they do, is read damn scriptures, think about God, and how best to help his creations. You should think more positively, the way you used to.

Joseph: Yeah right, I tried that shit day in, and nights out, look where it got I? I should have spent those days and nights sun bathing, and sipping down strong, dark, and cheap shit. Whatever, why the hell don’t you pipe the bloody heavens down, and shut the hell up?

Peter: Okay, but dude, you probably shouldn’t use heaven and hell in the same sentence, even if they both begin with the same two letters.

Joseph: Can’t you fucken listen? Shut the fuck up.

Peter: Dude, calm down. Alright, am out.

Joseph: Finally, now I can have some Joseph me time, with good silence and no mockery cheap chit chat. It is exhausting, stupid, and not worth it,

John: Knock, knock

Joseph: Oh shit, here I go again. Now, for the devil’s sake, what do you need again? I thought you wanted I to be better? That’s why I need some quiet time. Is that much to ask for? You, tinny tiny bitty sick bitch of a bastard?

John: Woah, Joseph, is that the way you welcome and invite guests? With a dirty mouth? I was there, you were raised better than that. In fact, you were praised and glorified by strangers you met. You created lasting impressions, even though, you interacted with some of them for a few seconds.

Joseph: Seriously, don’t you have better shit to do? What do you want?

John: Well, it’s the weekend, so I could go clubbing. But here I am, stack in you screwed up brain, reminiscing about the great good old times, when we danced with strangers, giving zero fucks, having a time of our lives. You were so much fun, what happened to you?

Joseph: Get over it. There is this thing called adulting, which I am trying out. I here it’s good for the mind, body, soul, and a lot of other mumble jumbo. But I don’t know whether it’s necessary, or it is a waste of time.

John: How ironic? You think adulting is a bunch of bs, and a waste of time? Guess what? Whose having conversations in his head, wasting time answering himself? And pushing his flaws to another?

Joseph: No you idiot, I always grab decisions by tits, and I never fucken blame anyone for my shit. Besides, I embrace and shag it all in, with a delusional thinking that it all fucken happens for a shitty reason.

John: Okay sir, what’s with all the swearing? You don’t necessarily have to fucken curse every time, to get a point across. I get it, remember? Am you.

Joseph: Crap, alright, so, what the fucken shit do you fucken want?

John: Do you believe in coincidences?

Joseph: No, I don’t. But I accept, coincidences are a thing, after all, the damn fucken world is circular. Doesn’t your brain tell you something? Okay, let I spell it out for you, so then you leave I alone. On a circle, there is no definite beginning or end, but you are bound to go by your initiate point. Got it? Now, roll away.

John: Dude, remember, am you. Wherever you go, I am more than willing to back you up, in every wrong decision you make. I just enjoy watching the good in you getting destroyed. And not by just anyone, but by you, yourself.

Joseph: So, are you now going to make I another only spirit-filled cocktail?

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