She had Huge Boobs, That I Recall  

It is clear, pretending that you liked a someone’s personality on first sight is total bullshit. Worry less my sweet devilish angels, I come bearing great good news: we are in this together, thus no need to feel all weird about it. Next time you feel stranded claiming not to remember how to describe a someone to another, yet their image is stack in your mind, simply say out what you really recall about the person in query. Am sure everyone you meet and get to interact with, possess a distinct trait, which is favoring their survival. Let us take advantage of strange shit occurring around us, and get to appreciate it all.

Humans are truly strange creatures of nature. Many strive their best to avoid or get rid of the inevitable, if it isn’t close to the expected normal. I come to wonder, who gets to decide what the expected normal is? This gets annoying, as many humans turn out to be encapsulated in spreading trails of retardedness, widely motivated by fucked up self-proclaimed moralists. This I come to inform you, it is all good to be different, and stand out in a public. Unfortunately, many do their best to blend in, in societies they reside. Meanwhile, I sit back relaxed, and enjoy watching their lives burn. Fortunately, no matter how much you blend in, something about you, will stand out.

It is all good, for one to consider I as being superficial, and I am alright with it, as I prefer to go with what I see. A world of fantasies isn’t much of a one I twiddle in, but I am all in for this imagination shit. Any who, that’s not the point, but the thing is, regardless of what makes you remember a someone, stick to it, even if it is out of the ordinary. I am sure it is not acceptable to stare at a lady’s bosom. But come on, what if they offer you a prolonged hug? Are you not supposed to feel her bosoms and perhaps imagine of the size? Wouldn’t that be easier to remember and relate to, rather than perhaps her general out look? This reminds I of individuals, when saving a stranger’s phone number, they inquire from the stranger, what names to use in the contact list. Um, are you shitting I? It is good to know the stranger’s name, but why not add on something, which will make you remember who the individual is, rather than playing a guess which Joseph this phone number belongs to?

Traits we notice about others deserve to be embraced and appreciated, no matter how inappropriate they seem. Surprisingly, it does so happen that it is these little things, alright, they may not necessarily be little, but you get the point: which make us remember a someone and miss them as well. Think of a last person you found to be amazingly interesting: what was about that someone, that caught your attention? It is okay and all good, if all you remember about them was something which gave you an immediate boner, or got you wet.

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