Your Face is Adult Content

One shouldn’t act all surprised, as if they have spotted an old guy, wearing a pink sweater, and riding a pony. I used to think that ponies where majestic creatures, until a day I heard of a pony, which kicked a tiny human, straight in the belly. Seems irrelevant, right? Right. Yeah right, so is your face. I am seriously considering waging a world war I on media. These retards who claim to oversee public media, for the greater good of humanity, are instead doing more harm. They have categorized sex as evil, while favoring and promoting violence on public media. Can someone please explain to I, as to why a script containing a mild love making scene, turns out to be rated 15, while a script with lots of people’s heads and other body parts being chopped off, damaged and destroyed lives, gets to be rated 12? I have tried to wrap my brain around it all, and viewed it all again, from various angles, with altered life perceptions, but my super firing neurons turn up empty.

It is no surprise, I am a huge fan of indecency, thus promote it whenever I get an opportunity to do so. However, I still don’t fully understand, as to what adult content truly means? It is too sad that recently, phrases are tossed around freely, like birds roaming clear skies, and little of a meaning lays back, in the speaker’s mind. Every time I hear a someone say out something I don’t understand, when I get an opportunity, I inquire from them. This inspired this post, as I received a message from a dear friend, inquiring as to why I tend to write about shit, which trails towards adult content? As a response: “Oh dear, I greatly appreciate your concern, about my moral standards, as far as humans are concerned. But, can you please elaborate to I, as to what you meant by adult content? Thank you very much”. It has been two weeks, and that message hasn’t yet been responded too.

Any who, this thing called adult content gets a lot of attention and credit, which truly it doesn’t deserve. For something to be rated as adult content, I expect something beyond a scoop of my imagination. It shouldn’t be something which I expected it to turn out to be. It should be unique, and beyond scoop of daily media cuisine. Not forgetting: “may contain adult content”. Can you please get your shit in order? For the devil’s sake, don’t just add adult content with an aim of seeking attention. In case I encounter something which states adult content, and it turns out to be an attention seeker, I am to make it a personal mission, to destroy you, as well as your content.

Being byproducts of adult content, we shouldn’t abandon reality in a pretext of maintaining non-existing morals, and yet, it is all about shyness. Something which I have noticed is that, anything meant to instill shyness in an individual, many are disregarding it, in a misconception of classifying it as adult content. Get over yourself, and move on with your ravished face. You don’t have to believe it, but your face is truly adult content, and you are a byproduct of it my dear.

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