Full Time Job For Graduate School

Don’t do it Joseph, a tiny voice in my head kept echoing. Who was I to resist a thought to be adventurous lifestyle of graduate school? You bet, and besides, I could not simply let such an opportunity slip by. Furthermore, with increasing bills to pay, in a turducken perfect world, quitting a full-time job for graduate school, is the way to go. Well, there is the loss of keeping close contact with dear amazing coworkers, but thanks be to social media platforms and technology, easy peasy it is. Unfortunately, leaving a full-time job for graduate school, it was a bad idea. In fact, allow I to rephrase it: it was a terrible idea, as far as paying bills is concerned. Don’t get I wrong, graduate school was a blast, and I got to enjoy every aspect of it. More great friends were made, and lasting memories were created. I cherish on them here and then, especially when it turns out to be a fucken shitty day.

A cruel fucked up world, it is out there. I knew all about it, but I kept it all in the back of my mind. It wasn’t close to home, so it was easy to ignore all of it, and continue living a life I think I own. As far as home is concerned, many claim it is where your heart is, but for I, home is where my head is. This not only enables I to choose to see mainly the positive in life, but also appreciate every single bit of it. Unfortunately, this suddenly changed, and I began viewing the world, in a way it is. I am sure it has nothing to do with I getting older, but more so, with I leaving a full-time job, to go out and seek more knowledge, wisdom, and education. Thanks be to graduate school.

In a perfect world, we all prefer to hide the negatives, and only reflect our best we can, to a rest of those around us. With lots of gained knowledge and vast information around us, a perfect world is not ideal, creating an eruption in thoughts, echoing in a back of one’s mind. Realizing and accepting that it is all happening, and it doesn’t truly matter who it is, it could soon be close to home. Reasoning and logical thinking come into play, as comparisons are made with previous encounters, creating a dynamic surrounding. All this wouldn’t be witnessed, if and only if, I simply chose to relax, sit back and enjoy my eight to five job. It was fun, paid the bills, and more so, I was surrounded with amazing faces. All was good, all was well. And then I tampered with it all.

Since I think I am still part of human nature, it is engraved deeply within I, to want to achieve more, than I possess. Graduate school it was, opening I furthermore, to evils of the world. Somehow, I am tempted to blame my predecessors for ways of living they set in motion. However, since I prefer to grab decisions to be made by the tits, it is all I, and thus need to embrace realities of the world, and keep appreciating the shit out of it.

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