Pride in Buying Condoms

Quite a variety occur, its a fucken rainbow. And not forgetting about the different flavors, I am glad to belong to this fun-filled innovative and creative modern world. I once gifted a dear someone a twenty-four pack of condoms. Don’t worry, they were non-latex, thus no concern of whether either party to be involved could be allergic to latex. Some individuals prefer being “polite”, hiding reality, hence referring to condoms as rubber. I learnt this in a sort of awkward way, when I told an ex, who was by then just a good friend, that I had to go buy a rubber. Her resulting facial expression was intriguing, leaving I in suspense, so I inquired. Only to find out that what I needed to buy, was an eraser. This made a whole lot sense, why a someone once gave I a stinky look, when I requested them for a rubber.

All is well, and all is good, once a someone reaches society’s legally accepted sex age. These individuals, especially those who have become responsible adults, are encouraged to have sex for better living. Sex isn’t necessarily meant for procreation, but pleasuring as well, thus a need for it to be done safely. Thanks be to great scientific minds which have made, and are still enabling sex safe for many. Unfortunately, a few members of the human race fail to appreciate safe sex, sticking to fucked up traditional ways, which are sadly still instilled in minds of a few youngsters. One of the widely known ways of safe sex, is using condoms. I am glad, condoms are readily available, in many places, including small vendor shops. Furthermore, we should appreciate organizations which have taken it upon themselves, and decided to provide free condoms, to the public.

However, issues arise for some individuals when it comes to buying condoms. This could be because some are still perceiving sex as being immoral, failing to appreciate, and accept a fact that we are all truly sexual byproducts. Well, some may have been born accidentally, but it remains a fact. I know some individuals find it difficult picking up condoms from their usual store or shop, with a fear of being noticed and criticized. Are you fucken kidding? You are going to get some, something good which isn’t easy to encounter, especially when one is not in a relationship, institution or an organization of some sort.

I greatly appreciate ladies who have taken it upon themselves, to ensure that no matter how great one looks, a condom must always be used. And no, using two condoms doesn’t mean safer sex, or avoiding more pregnancies. Using two condoms could be detrimental, thus a need to be avoided. I find it hot and inspiring, spotting a lady dropping in her shopping bag, at least two packs of condoms, each containing twenty-four pieces. And yes, female condoms do exist too. One should always feel free and proud, when it comes to buying condoms. It indicates one being responsible, and caring for their health, as well as avoiding unplanned pregnancies. I am disregarding a use of unwanted pregnancies, as many individuals end up having babies, which they weren’t expecting, but keep them.

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