Appreciating Seductive Wear

It comes as no surprise that I am a huge fun of sultriness. In case I have ever told you that I love your attire, it most probably pointed to a fact that I love how sultrily dressed you are. Sorry not sorry, because I will continue doing that, once I encounter a grownup someone, exposing as much skin as possible. Not to sound mean or rude, but I am not a fun of associating with those who are underage, that I gladly confess. I am aware, I am one of a kind who gave up living life on eggshells. This makes associating with a young one, who is full of hope and false dreams, difficult. Don’t expect I, to stand there and listen to a tiny little human who even can’t count, blur out how they plan to become innovative engineers. But that is irrelevant; the main thing is, there is absolutely no way I am going to stand there and appreciate how a kid is dressed.

I find it amazing every time I bump into a someone complaining about how another individual dresses sultrily. Seriously, how dare you insult humanity? Not forgetting about arseholes who complain that a someone is dressed so provocatively, which is causing them to lose concentration. Okay, I need to replay that, as an error may have resulted in my brain interpreting center. I have replayed the message, but I still fucken don’t get it. May be let I rephrase it: what you are trying to say is that, you are blaming someone for your being an incompetent brain functioning human? To further clarify, you mean you are a someone who can’t focus on a task at hand, and shift blame unto another? Only if, and only if I happen to be your employer or supervisor, you are fired.

Something that I have come to appreciate is my ability to take responsibility for shit I am involved in. This shitty thing of giving excuses and placing blame unto someone else, are things I strive hard to never encounter. As humans, being byproducts of horny predecessors, we need to appreciate and embrace sexuality, in its fullness. This does not only include being seductive too, but also, exposing as much skin as possible, whenever possible. And something which many fail to understand, are the positive results encountered, due to individuals who dress provocatively. I have found myself to be more productive, every time some form of sultriness is involved.

Since I love the universal world of exercising, let I relate: Do you remember the last super cold day you were at the gym, and everyone was dressed in fucken long sleeved saggy clothing? How fucked up did that workout go? And how about the other hot day at the gym, when everyone was wearing the most minimal clothing possible? Didn’t you feel like the fucken world’s greatest? It’s okay, it hurts to know the truth, but slowly lick it and suck it in. The thing is, as humans advance towards restoring of humanity in its fullness, we shouldn’t turn into shallow minded freaks, who aim at controlling and ruining lives of others. I am glad, and gratefully appreciate well established institutions and companies across the globe, which give zero fucks, on how sultrily adults are dressed.

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