Cadaver Architect: 9 of 11

Trapped in a thought to be lunar eclipse,
Designated rescuers,
Equipped with sophisticated apparatus,
From beyond all nations, were on scene
The Architect, the Cadaver Architect,
Had to be rescued
Many favors, she never used up, this was a time
The Architect, The Cadaver Architect
Couldn’t do it all, on her own
Too weak, The Architect, the Cadaver Architect was
Only mumbling insights of,
What I later found out to be
Detailed-sophisticated scientific equations
Equations, more disturbing,
Than the famous tangled
Partial differential wave equation
An equation,
The Architect, sculpted into my scalp
The designated rescuers,
Strapped The Architect down,
At her forgotten secrete home
A human, the Architect, the cadaver Architect
She was still
Her bastard of an assistant, was no were to be found
And yet, the Architect, the Cadaver Architect,
Needed all the help, She could get
Surprisingly, despite of all the shit, chaos
Commotion and crap which were going on
The Architect, the Cadaver Architect,
Was still, with I

Captured Life Insights from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Accessed in several stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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