Bad Decision After Another

Karma being a mother of all bitches, it is no surprise that a dear someone lands into a continuous shit of trouble for a good given period. Maybe it is because of raising desperation which occurs, when a someone is in trouble. It is obviously no surprise that I have been there, done that, thus worry less, I won’t be judging anyone. However, excuse my French but there is a demented damned category of individuals, who desperately and deliberately, continuously land themselves into lots of shit. Seriously, how in the hell do you repeat doing the same crap over and over, with hope of getting better results?

Don’t take I wrong, I am all in for persistence, but it should be done with a few modifications made. Furthermore, there are individuals perhaps suffering from luck of shit to do, who simple ignore facts, sticking to whatever fuck which swings there way. To such individuals, “trouble” which swings their way, I do not call it trouble. I think these individuals simply have too much freedom, which they are exploring and exploiting at their free will. Sorry not sorry, but don’t expect I to feel remorse for you, as you narrate a screwed obvious bad decision you made, which got you into shit. However, your shit may make up for a crazy day I may have had, forcing at least a plastic smile on my fucked-up face.

Not sure how relevant this is, but the above reminded I of a someone who was enquiring about a topic I am well vast and familiar with, yet the individual kept busting out into sudden argumentative mode. I wasn’t sure whether I should suddenly shut the fuck up, saving my soul from lots of irritations, frustrations, and most importantly, my valuable time. And no, I wasn’t being paid. Seriously, I need to bring an end to this new year’s resolution which I made: be nice to every arsehole I encounter. I come to realize, this was a bad decision, which followed another bad decision, of I accepting to offer this enquiree, my contact information in the first place.

We all know it, life isn’t necessarily a straight and narrow path as I was taught in Sunday school. Oh goddammit, gone are the sweet melodious days of amazing, comforting and joyful rhymes. Anywho, the thing is, it does so happen that a well-organized someone mentally, can also land into a lot of shit, following systematic and logical decisions they made, one after another, which all turned out to be the worst decisions so far encountered on the screwed surface of this dummy earth. Also, though from an altered life perspective,  we are told to grab decisions by the tits, take note of that: not by the balls, one is still susceptible to bad decision making, continuously. So, you my sweet dear and little angel who aims at becoming a perfectionist, you are totally screwed. However, all hope isn’t lost, humanity and terrible decision making can be twisted slowly, by aiming at becoming better than a someone one was, a day before. That hands one plenty of time to perform a self-check and readjust.

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