Cadaver Architect: 6 of 11

Happiness of sorrow
Sermons my peace of torture
With dreads of love and passion, I receive
The Architect,
Never says a word back, nor slightly blink
I feel her presence, comforting my spirit
A blissful soft wind, brushing my brains
All is well, all is at peace
She still lives
She still provides
She still creates
She still invents
The Architect,
I tell her everything
Alright, not everything
But truly, mostly everything
Ranging from how my day went
To amazing conversations, I had
After all, She is The Architect
The Cadaver Architect,
Who designed your insights as well
The Architect, knows it all
Love of a day, daily achievements
Manipulated struggles, new people met
Assignments received, endeavors earned
And most importantly,
The Cadaver Architect, still cares

Captured Life Insights from Ricocheting Regrets, Sadness in my Positivity. Accessed in several stores and libraries in electronic and audio formats. All Rights Reserved.

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